Can a back row volleyball player spike the ball?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Back row players can only attack the ball above the net if they are standing or jumped from behind the 10 foot/three meter/attack line.

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yes, but make sure you take off before the 3m line and smash the ball in mid-air. or you can spike on the ground but you cannot jump.

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they can spike but not block the net

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Q: Can a back row volleyball player spike the ball?
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Can player smash the ball in volleyball?

I think you mean spike the volleyball, and yes you can

What is the motion in spiking volleyball?

to spike a volleyball you swing your arms behind your back and when you jump you reach for the ball, spiking it with your wrist.

How is the spike used in volleyball?

to pop the ball

How is a spike ball hit volleyball?

A spike ball hit is when your hand is open and you hit the ball (hard) to the other side.

How do you pike in volleyball?

YOu can spike in volleyball when you hit the ball down on the opposite team.

In which sport can you spike the ball over the net?

the sport u can spike the ball over the net is vollyball. the spike is also known as a slam

Block in volleyball?

When the opposite team spikes a ball at you and you spike it right back in their face and then you must say take that!

What are instructions for volleyball?

1. bump the ball 2. set the ball 3. spike the ball

What is the goal in receiving a serve in volleyball?

to bump set and spike it back to the opposite team ,kill the ball.

Can a person on the back side of a volleyball team spike the ball when i person sets it in front of you?

A player in the back row is allowed to jump and attack the ball from the back row as long as they jump behind the 10 ft. line. If the back row player jumps in front of the 10 ft. line, the team looses the point.

3ways to properly hit the ball in volleyball?

You can bump it, set it, and spike it.

What is a volley ball dig?

dig -- A player passes the ball which has been attacked by the opposition.