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the sport u can spike the ball over the net is vollyball. the spike is also known as a slam

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Q: In which sport can you spike the ball over the net?
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What does the setter do in volleyball?

Sets the ball for the spiker to spike the ball over the net

In which sport is the 'spike' a powerful smash over the net?

That would be volleyball

In which sport can you spikethe ball over the net?


Volleyball-What is an attempt by a player to win a point by hitting the ball over the net?

spike/ hit/attack

What is volleyball spike?

A spike can also be called a hit in volleyball. It is when you hit the ball over the net to the other team and score a point for it.

What three main hits are used to get the ball over the net in volleyball?

Pass, set, and spike

Can back row players in volley ball attack spike or block at the net?

they can spike but not block the net

What do you called the spike near at the net volley ball?

The spike near the net in volleyball is generally the third touch on the ball an is called a hit or an attack.

How many hits are a player allowed before the ball must go over the net?

three hits are supposed to happen before the ball goes over the net.(bump, set, spike!)

When should the bump be used?

when the ball first comes over the net. it goes bump, set, spike

What is a dink in volleyball?

A dink is where you act like you are going to do a spike, and then you lightly tap the ball over.Dink - A ball which is tipped over the net to avoid being blocked by opponent (a fake spike).

What is volley ball?

Volley ball is a sport that includes hitting a ball over a net repeated times to score a point You score a point when the other team fails to return the ball over the net