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Yes, easily.

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Q: Can a 16 ft daysailer with a swing keel and a 6 ft beam and 21 ft mast tip over?
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Is the keel the same as a mast on a ship?

No it is not.

How do you put up a mast?

Depending on the size of the mast most often a crane is used. Some smaller boats have deck stepped masts and can be put up by securing the base and raising the mast by hand, a halyard may also be used to assist. The process of putting up the mast is called stepping the mast. The two main styles are deck stepped or keel stepped, a deck stepper sits on the cabin house top and a keel stepped passes through the cabin top. The mast sits on a mast step and where it passes through the cabin house is the mast partner

What are the important parts of a sailing ship?

Hull, mast, sail, lines, anchor, lights, keel, galley

What was the height of the Santa Maria ship?

Height: From the keel to the top of the mast: 89 feet

What are some parts of a ship?

bow bilge stern deck mast sails keel rigging hull bulkhead

What are some sentences that have the word keel in them?

The keel of the boat is made of lead and weighs 600 lbs. Even though customers can make me feel upset sometimes, I try to keep an even keel when dealing with them. That boat will not be able to sail in such shallow water because of its large keel. Sailboats with a mast of any appreciable size need a keel to remain stable. I am so tired, I feel like I could keel over at any moment.

What is the hull of a sailboat?

The hull of a boat is the body of the boat. it is the part of the boat in the water. excluding the mast, boom, sail, rudder, keel, etc.

What you is the stern keel sail and mast?

The aftermost sail in a multi-masted boat is typically the mizzen, but in some rigs can be called the spanker as well.

What wind speed is required to Flip A Keeled Sailboat?

Generally speaking wind is not the only ingredient in a full capsize, a boat may be heeled over perhaps to a point where the mast may almost touch the water, at this point the force of right moment in the weight of the keel takes over to keep it from capsizing, also as the mast goes farther over the wind begins to spill off the top of the mast, reducing the forces on the mast and tendancy for a complete capsize. Large waves, especially breaking waves will have more of an effect on flipping a keeled sailboat that perhaps becoming beam or sideways to the waves .

What is beam on a boat?

The beam is the width of the boat at its widest point. If something is 'on the beam' it is to the side of the boat. The more typical nautical expression for this is "abeam" for instance a buoy could be abeam the mast, ie if you drew a line between the buoy and the mast, it would be perpendicular with the line drawn between the front and back of the ship (bow and stern respectively)

Who makes the largest swing keel sailboat?

The largest "swing" keel "production" yacht (ie. keel pivots/rotates into hull) is probably the Northshore Southerly 54rs. They have only just started construction, so if this does not count, then the next model down the 46rs is probably the biggest. Draught varies between 7 foot, to less than 3 foot with the keel up on the 46rs and it can be beached. In terms of "custom" designed yachts, the Bill Dixon Yacht Design Company have made a 100 foot yacht with a swing keel named Liara II (Liara II actually has a tubular keel, meaning the lower half of the keel with the bulb is lifted into the out keel casing. It works in the same way a telescope does. But large yachts can accommodate swing keels). Coincidently, Bill Dixon designed the (hull) Southerly 46rs as mentioned above. As for yachts with "lifting" keels (ie. keel moves vertically upwards) the biggest production may be the Hanse 630e which as the name suggest is 63 foot in lenght. Marten also producte a lifting keel yacht I belive. Wally have adjustable boards, as do products of many of the larger builders but it could be argued that these are custom, rather than production models as they all vary. As for custom yachts, adjsutable boards are fairly common, the biggest may be Mirabella V, her draught can vary between 32 feet and 13 feet. Mirabella V is 247 foot in lenght and set numerous records upon completion of construction in terms of size, sail area, mast height ect. The Southerly 57 is on the water at Southampton Boat Show and there is a 65 on the way.

Why was a keel important for viking longships?

Viking longships, starting in the 700s AD, had a mast with a sail. To make a boat with a sail stable, a keel is needed to counteract the tipping forces the wind places on the sail. Prior to the sail being added, longships did not require or have keels.

What holds up the mast on a boat?

as far as holding "up" ... the mast is usually stepped (attached) to the deck or keel on a sailboat. this supports the gravity downward load. to keep it from toppling over in the slightest breeze, there are wire rope stays connected at various points. in a masthead sloop there is a headstay and backstay connecting the front and back of the boat to the top of the mast. there are also shrouds (left and right) wire rope rigging (usually) that hold the mast up from the left and right. there can also be attachments at the midheight of the mast for fore and aft shrouds as well.

How tall are Corsair ships?

31.25 ' stem to stern by 160 ' keel to tip of mast, it was small, fast and deadly! The perfect pirate ship! Check the wooden models they are excellent references and very precise!

The third mast on a vessel called?

Fore-mast: the first mast, or the mast fore of the main-mast.Main-mast: the tallest mast, usually located near the center of the ship.Mizzen-mast: the third mast, or the mast immediately aft of the main-mast.(information from wikipedia)

How do you use the word mast in a sentence?

a mast is like an adventure you can use your rubber bands and for short,(to answer your question)a mast is a mast

What is the mast on the hull of a ship called?

Depending on the size and classification of the vessel there may be more than one mast these are referred to, generally, as the fore mast, main mast and mizzen mast at the stern.

Many animals are busy consuming mast what is mast?

mast is the food or supplies these animal gather.

What is a pole in the middle of a sailboat that holds up the sail called?


What is the Mast in front of a ship?

The front mast is called the Foremast. Sometimes it is called the mizzen mast.

What is the shorter mast on the boat?

The shorter mast ahead of the main is the foremast. The shorter mast abaft the main is the mizzen mast. On four or more masted boats -- I don't know.

What is a sail extender called?

1) What do you mean by sail extender? The rope to hoist (raise) the sail is called the halyard. The vertical beam supporting the sail is the mast, the horizontal beam supporting the sail is the boom.2) It's called a SPRIT - see:

What is a ship's main mast?

The main mast is the tallest of all masts on the ship. If all masts are the same height, then the one with the top navigationlight is the main mast. If there is only one mast, then that would be the main mast.

What does mizzamast mean?

IF you meant the 'mizzen mast' - in relation to sailing - it's the mast immediately aft (or behind) the main mast.

How do you make your own free radio?

Mast Mast Radio