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If a 14 year old can organize a team of at least 3, fund the team, get rides, practice, sign up for tournaments, and maintain the gear, then yes.

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โˆ™ 2011-06-21 05:14:45
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Q: Can a 14 year old make his own team and play in a paintball tournament?
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How many people do you need to play in a paintball tournament?

The smallest tournament is 3 man, the largest is 12 man in speedball. A woodsball team can have as many as they like.

What is 5-man paintball?

5 man paintball is a speed ball tournament configuration with 5 players on each side. Generally tournaments will announce the team size as 3, 5 man.

Who is swift paintball team?

Swift paintball team are a paintball team based in england. they play speed ball and woods ball but are more for the speed ball

Who are swift paintball team?

Swift paint ball team are a team based in the south of England who play in all types of paintball

Can you play paintball with your glasses?

I have played paintball for 5 years. I played for the Chicago Shock-kidz, division 3 paintball team. I wear Bifocals and play with bifocals. It sucks but its not hard.

Are you allowed to shoot someone when you play paintball?

Yes! The main point of Paintball is to shoot paint at the opposing team to mark them and eliminate them.

How much money can you get from playing paintball?

depends on how good you and your team is, if your not doing so well, your wasting your money on paint and tournament admission fee.

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What is tyranny paintball team?

TYRANNY paintball team is a Rookie/Novice team that plays out of Murder Inc Paintball in St. Augustine, Florida. Brandon Evans is the captain.

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How do you join a paintball team?

you ask some people if they want to be on a paintball team and if they say yes your team is beginning and if they say no keep asking

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