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Yes! The main point of Paintball is to shoot paint at the opposing team to mark them and eliminate them.

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Q: Are you allowed to shoot someone when you play paintball?
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When does paintball become a crime?

paintballing becomes a crime when you shoot people not playing,shoot animals,shoot houses .cars,or any object that is not natural and depending on your region you may not be allowed to play in forests around you or shoot the off of your own properity. Also, if you use a paintball to assist in a robbery or pretend a paintball is real, it becomes a weapons crime.

Are there airsoft gun bbs that bust paint when you shoot someone cause when i play people cheat and say that they werent shot?

Play paintball.

How Old do you have to be to shoot a paintball gun?

There is no real age set to shoot a paintball gun. You must be 10 to play and 18 to buy most paintball makers, air and balls.

How do you play paintball?

Shoot at people till you hit them... then their out... if your with in ten feet dont shoot say surrender your out!

How old do you have to be to shoot a paintball gun in Georgia?

There is no age limit to shoot. you must be 11 to play and 18 to buy.

Are you allowed to play paintball in any field?

No, you need the owners permission.

What should you get a paintball gun or a shotgun?

Whichever you will use more. If your hunting season is close, or you want to shoot clay's often, get a shotgun. If you would play paintball more then that, get a paintball marker.

What ia a oproxamilate is someone to play paintball shooting?


Is it legal to play paintball in the woods?

Some states allow paintball to be played on public land, while others completely forbid it. If you want to play on public land, you HAVE to ask the rangers/ people responsible for the land, It is not safe to assume you are allowed to play, even if someone has told you otherwise. If you, own, or have permission to play in the woods that is fine.

Can you shoot a paintball gun in Placer Colorado on private property?

You can as long as you have the property owners permission, and as with anywhere you play paintball you must be 150 yards (450 feet) away from any public road.

Where do paintball players play at?

paintball fields or on their property.

How many people play paintball in Canada?

people who play paintball play because some of them want to be in the military or law enforcement or to experience paintball

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