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Watch the related link: "Starting a new paintball team". From Mike @ TechPB.

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Q: How do you start a high school paintball team?
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How do you join a high school paintball team?

You would find the team captain and ask him/her, or find their signup sheet or website.

How do you petition for a high school soccer team. How can you get a soccer team at your school?

Start a survey then talk to the principal of the school. Start a fundraiser.

Can you start a paintball team at 11 years old?

You can start playing paintball at 11, so starting a team before you've even played is not wise.

When does the season start for high school football team?

august 31st

How many players can start on a high school baseball team?


What football teams start with the letter z?

The Zachary Broncos are a high school football team. The team plays for Zachery High School in Zachery, LA.

How do you start a team?

You can start a recreational team with your friends or at a club or any gathering that are interested in paintball (like online paintball forums). However, if you want to have a sponsor, you will have to register with a company and see if they are willing to sponsor you.

Is travel better than high school?

depends on the high school team and the travel team, if the high school team stinks then yes.

Do you need to start on a middle school basketball team to be on a high school team?

no were did you get that idea. If your coach told you that then tell him to say I am never playing of this school and play for a different school.

Can you start with eight players in high school baseball?

No you need nine for a full team.

Who is swift paintball team?

Swift paintball team are a paintball team based in england. they play speed ball and woods ball but are more for the speed ball

When does the season start for high school swim team?

high school swimming normally starts around the end of October, start of November. although conditioning can start much before this, and there is spring and summer swimming. the end of high school swimming ends around February or March, it depends on how far the team goes and what championship they are involved in.

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