Break in a lacrosse net

Updated: 10/24/2022
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Use lotion on it and pound it and pound after that put the net in boiling(hot) water and then pound it some more....just keep repeating that and it should work

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Q: Break in a lacrosse net
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How do you break in a new lacrosse net?

umm shoot on it....

What sport uses a stick with a net to catch balls?


How do you string a lacrosse net?

Check out Youtube.

Do hurling and lacrosse both use stick with a net?

False. Hurling uses a solid stick, with a wide end. Lacrosse has a net as part of the stick it uses.

What size is a box lacrosse net?

four feet by four feet

What game uses a long pole with a small net on the end?


What is the purpse of lacrosse?

The use the stick with net attached and throw the ball in the goal with it

How can you break in a lacrosse net as quickly as possible?

first wet the pocket with watet, put either one or two balls and then put two pencils between the balls and the sidewall. Wait 1day and take out

Can a lacrosse ball break a car windshield?

most definitely

How does lacrosse compare to football?

lacrosse is different from foot ball because in lacroose you have stixs , you score in a net, you have a spot that you have to stay by, you have a goaly, you dont tackle.ect.

In sports slang what is a net tilt?

A net tilt is actually referred to in lacrosse when a charging player assaults the goalie and throws him into the net making it tilt. Thus the term "Net Tilt"

What sports uses a net on a stick similar to the one used to catch butterflies?

Isn't it lacrosse?