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Isn't it Lacrosse?

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Q: What sports uses a net on a stick similar to the one used to catch butterflies?
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How do butterflies inject sperm?

they stick it at the butterflies bottom

What is it called when you throw hockey puck up off the stick then spin the stick then catch on stick?

It doesn't have a name that I am aware of but it is a trick, almost like showing ability and skill as all athletes do in all sports.

How do butterflies drink nectar?

Butterflies drink nectar by taking out a stick that is like a straw and start sucking.

What animal uses mimicry?

Viceroy butterflies mimic monarch butterflies. Walking stick insects mimic twigs.

How do frogs catch their prey?

They stick out their tongues and catch them.

What games are available from Stick Sports?

There are a wide range of sport games that are available on the Stick Sports website. The games on Stick Sports are divided into categories such as 14 games for playing Stick Cricket, 9 games for playing Stick Tennis, 8 games for Stick Football and various other games such as Stick Baseball and Stick Racing.

What do butterflies like to play with?

butterflies lik to play on stick and hang upside down and most of the time they just fly around

Do butterflies eat spider?

Butterflies do not really eat. They usually stick to drinking liquids, such as nectars and saps from different plants and flowers.

What makes you catch a ball?

you stick your glove up and you catch it that's what makes you catch it

Do butterflies drink sugar water?

yes butterflies love sugar water they stick out thir tounge and absorbe it in to their little mounth the taste of sugar water is a mouth full to butterflies

Do you like Stick Sports?

I Love it!

How do butterflies help pollinate flowers?

By landing on the flower to gather nectar the pollen grains stick to the hairs on the butterflies abdomen and are carried to another flower where the detach and stick to the stigma and are translocated to the ovary where seed is set.

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