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Water freestyle swimming is a good example of isotonic exercise. Other examples of isotonic movements include rock climbing, lifting weights, and cycling.

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Q: Because steady resistance is offered by the water freestyle swimming is a good example of exercise?
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Freestyle swimming is a good example of exercise?

Freestyle swimming is a good example of exercise because it works various muscle groups. Other forms of swimming are also good exercise.

How many people prefer freestyle swimming?

Many people prefer freestyle. They prefer it because it is efficient. They also prefer it because it it is fast.

Which swimming strokes are used most and for what types of swimming?

The two strokes that are similair are freestyle and back stroke. Because it is on your back or facing forward.

What is the most strenuous exercise running or swimming?

it depends on how you define strenuous. swimming is much better for your joints, as well, swimming probably uses more musles than running, as it is a whole body exercise. when swimming, you are forced to hold your breath, which exercises yor lungs and therefore the rest of your body much more than if you were running. there is also much more resistance when swimming (because of the water) making if much harder to swim a distance (ie.400m) than it would be to run it. (the world record time for 400m freestyle is 3:40.7, whereas, in track, it's 00:43.19 so obviosly, its alot more difficult to swim.)

Why is swimming a exercise?

Because you have to move around. Usually any physical movement is exercise.

How much can swimming reduce asthma?

Swimming, Surely is the best exercise for asthma. It will not completely cure the disease but will definitely reduce it. Because by doing swimming it will be a good breathing exercise.

What is the most common stroke in swimming?

The most common stroke is freestyle. This is based on during practice and in swimming events. Its because nobody wants to swim a 1650 butterfly.

What advice do you have on using swimming workouts to increase heart health?

Swimming is a perfect exercise because intensity can be varied instantaneously by you. Swimming is a perfect exercise check it out

What is the history of freestyle swimming?

---- Englishman Richard Cavill developed the modern features of the freestyle, including the overarm strokes and the flutter kick, back in 1902. Since Cavill lived in Australia at the time, the stroke was then dubbed "the Australian crawl." Prior to that time, the side-stroke was commonly used in swimming competitions. The freestyle stroke was later polished and perfected by Olympian Johnny Weismuller in the 1920s. ----

What is swim sprint?

Swimming sprint is basically going as fast as you can. An example of this would be the 50 or 100 yard freestyle because the swimmer only has to swim a short amount so they can go all out. On the other hand, a person swimming the 500 freestyle would not start out going as fast as they can because they would get exhausted before they finished.

Why is it more difficult to move through water in a swimming pool?

No harder than it would be to move through water elsewhere.

What is a crawl stroke in swimming?

"Slow Crawl" refers to commonly know "free style stroke" at a slow speed. It is call that because the freestyle stroke resembles someone crawling.