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If the batter makes contact with a batted ball while in the batter's box, it is a "dead" ball and declared foul. ---------- True enough, sort of. If a batted ball touches the batter while he is still in the batter's box, then it is foul. However, if the batter hits the ball, and it comes to rest in the batter's box or the batted ball is touched by a defensivce player while it is in the batter's box, and the ball did not touch the batter, it is either fair or foul, depending on the position of the ball at the time it came to rest or was touched by a defensive player. The front portion of the batter's box is in fair territory, and if a batted ball comes to rest or is touched by a defensive player in that part of the batter's box, then it's a fair ball.

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Q: Batter hits ball in the batters box?
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Batter hits the ball with one foot out of the batters box?

The batter is out.

A batter hits the ball its hits home plate then the batter?

it depends on whether the batter is still in the batter's box when the ball hits him. If he is in the batter's box then the ball is foul. If he is out of the batter's box and the ball hits him in fair territory then the batter is out.

If the ball hits the bat when batter in moving out of the way of a bad pitch and the batter is out of the batters box or on the plate?

if the ball is hit by the bat out the box by accident it still counts as a hit ... if the batter hits the ball while on the plate it's an out ...

Is a ball considered fair or foul if it hits homeplate first?

Alot of people ask this question but the answer is, the ball is foul. Also if the ball hits the batters box or the batter touches the ball to his body inside the batters box then it is foul.

Who gets the putout when a batter hits the ball but he is out of the batters box and does the pitcher get a strike out?

The batter is out, scored 2u, not a strike out.

Is a batter out if he hits a pitch that bounces in fair territory and then hits him?

yes if is out of the batters box, otherwise it is a foul ball

What if a batter bunts a ball and both feet are out of the batters box and the ball is foul what is the rule?

MLB rule 6.06 states: A batter is out for illegal action when- He hits a ball with one or both feet on the ground entirely outside the batter's box. Comment: If a batter hits a ball fair or foul while out of the batter's box, he shall be called out.

When a batter hits a fair ball and their bat strikes the ball in fair territory is the batter is out?

If the batter is still in the batters box, it is a foul ball, otherwise, the batter will be ruled out, and it is a dead ball with runners returning to their bases This is wrong, if the ball hits the bat a second time in fair territory the batter is out, standing in the batters box means nothing in this rule. see MLB rule 6.05 h

If a batter hits the ball with one foot outside the batters box is he out?

How do you mark it in a scorebook??

If a batted ball hits the batter is he out?

If the ball hits the batter in fair territory, the batter is ruled out. If the ball hits the batter in foul territory or the batter's box, the call is a foul ball.

A batter is in the batters box the pitcher throws and the batter hits the ball into his foot and the ball goes foul but what is the call?

its a dead ball and a strike, but not strike 3, just like a foul.

If a batter is hit by a ball in the batter's box after he hits the ball what is the call?

foul ball

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