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I'm guessing that you meant "At what age does tee ball begin?", most league's begin t-ball players at age 5 but my local league starts them at 4.

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Q: At what does tee ball begin?
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How do you play tee ball?

Tee ball is played just like how you play tea ball and T ball and teen ball and tee bull and team fall and lean call and bean pall

What percent of Americans played tee ball as a kid?

There is no information on the Internet about the percentage of Americans that played tee ball as children. Tee ball is a sport based on base ball as an instruction for children.

Golfers put a golf ball on this?

i don,t know!

How many times can you tee a ball up?

You may only tee the ball up when you are on the teeing area, hitting a tee shot. This is usually once per hole for each hole. However, if you hit a ball out of bounds you must hit another shot from where you hit the previous shot from, so you may tee the ball up. Also, if you hit a tee shot and can't find the ball you must go back to the tee and you can again tee it up.

If a hit a tee shot out of bounds and you lose your ball Are you playing your 4th shot from the tee?

Player who hit "ob" is hitting 3 from the tee. If lose your ball on the tee shot you must return to the tee and re-tee hitting your 3rd shot.

What happens if your ball is lost from the tee shot?

You tee another ball up on the tee box and hit again. However, since your first shot was lost, you have to take a stroke for the lost ball and one to re-tee the new ball and therefore when you hit the new teed ball it is considered your 3rd storke on the hole.

In golf After missing the ball can you re set the ball on a tee off a tee?

You cannot reset the ball at all without taking a penalty.

What if a player hits his ball in the woods off the tee?

When they arrive in the area they believe the ball is they have five minutes to find it. If they can't find it, the ball is declared lost and another ball must be played from the tee, the tee shot will now be the third shot.

What is the meaning of the expression tee off?

The little holder for a golf ball is called a tee - when you tee off, you start a golf game by hitting the ball off of the holder.

Can you tee the ball in the rough behind the tee markers?


How far are the bases for tee ball?

Tee Ball USA says bases should be 50 feet apart

What sport uses a tee?

Golf! In golf, you use the tee, to set your ball on it, then you hit the ball with your selected club.

What is inside of a tee-ball?

A tee-ball is made out of little to no cork, rubber, stitching, and many other materials.

Second shot from a tee box?

If you just hit a ball out of bounce from the tee box or if you don't know if you did you can call for a provisional ball. You would hit your second shot from the tee box "your provisional shot" and see if you can find the first ball. If you can't and your provisional ball is in play then you have play provisional ball and you accrue a 1 shot penalty stroke also. If you find your first shot off of the tee then you pick up your provisional ball and play your first tee shot. No penalty if you find your first tee shot and you can play it. So, the second shot from the tee box would be considered a provisional shot.

Can you tee up a golf ball twice in one hole?

Only if you are playing from the teeing area. If you hit the ball out of bounds or lost a ball you may re-tee the ball.

How far apart are bases in tee ball?

Tee ball is a sport to help introduce children to baseball and is geared towards players ages 4 to 6. The bases in tee ball are set 50 feet apart.

What do you do when your ball rests on a rake in a sand trap?

Mark the ball with a tee, lift the rake, if the ball moves, you must replace it. Then lift the tee and play the shot.

Are you aloud to carry more then one golf ball on the tee before you take your shot?

no because you can only have one golf ball on the tee.

What is the Mickeys beer riddle golf ball on a tee ace of spades golf ball on a tee cake?

Tasty cake

In a golf game if a golfer hits a ball and it lands on the fairway is he allowed to pick the ball up and put it on a tee?

No, the only time you are allowed to place the ball on a tee is when you are in the designated teeing ground hitting what is determined as the tee shot.

What happens if you hit a tee marker and cant find your ball?

You would declare that ball lost and have to play another from the tee, there is a one shot penalty for losing your ball, so you are actually playing 3 off the tee. When you lose a ball, you must go back to the place you played that shot from, that is why in this case you have to go back to the tee.

Can you pick up a broken tee from the tee box and use it to tee your ball up?

Yes, you may do this.

How far from tee markers can you tee the ball?

only two clubs length behind the tee markers

How big is a tee ball?

a te ball is about the size of a cricket ball

In which sport will you hear the term ' to tee off'?

When a golf ball is placed on a tee on the first shot played on hole, and the player hits the ball this is referred to as Teeing off or a tee off.