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No, you need the owners permission.

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Q: Are you allowed to play paintball in any field?
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Where should you play paintball?

In any woods you own, or at a public field. Anywhere else is illegal.

How old should you be to play with a paintball gun?

That all depends on the individual. I know grown ups who should never be allowed to play with any type of gun.

Where to go paintballing?

Just type in paintball to any search engine, and find a paintball field near you.

How do you play an Inca sport called paintball?

There is no record of any Incan sport of "paintball"

Where can you fill up a co2 tank for a paintball gun?

At some sporting goods stores or any paintball field.

How old do you have to be to play paintball in Sydney?

any age !

Paintballing under 16 years of age?

You need to be 18 years old to BUY a paintball gun, but you can play at any age. Most fields require you to be at least 12 to play there. So you'll need a parent to buy your paintball gun, and to sign a waiver for the field. After that, hit the field!

Are 6mm paintballs allowed?

No, most fields won't allow the 6mm paintballs used in airsoft/paintball hybrid markers; definitely check with your field before bringing any.

Recharging paintball canister? possible. Take it to any local paintball store or any local field. Co2 and N2 are the common "canister" types and this is what you would refill them with.

Are scenario paintball guns allowed in non scenario paintball?

Yes, they are. Any markers marked as "scenario" markers are just military simulation markers, which are fine at any feild.

Where can you get Co2 tanks for paintball guns?

At any paintball field, and most sporting goods stores. If there are none near you , just search online.

Can you bring your own mask to paintball?

NO! Trying to use any non certified face mask to paintball will not be allowed on any field and may break upon impact, leaving your eyes and face unprotected. This includes: airsoft masks, BMX helmets, welders masks, face shield helmets and ski goggles. Paintball masks are cheap and there is no reason to endanger yourself by not using the ONLY required equipment for paintball.

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