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Under NHL rules, no. This would be considered "high sticking". Angling the blade of your skate to deflect a moving puck into the goal is allowed, but not actively "kicking" it.

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Q: Are you allowed to kick the puck into the net in hockey?
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Can you kick the puck in hockey?

You can kick the puck but not into the net

In what sport is a puck used?

In Ice hockey or Hockey You have to try and get the puck into the net

What sport do you need a puck for?

Hockey is a sport that you need a puck for. The puck is something in hockey that you whack with a stick into a net to gain points.

What is a hockey stick and puck?

A hockey stick is what the players hold on to in order to move the puck. A puck is the black disk that the players use the stick to hit. The purpose of the game is to get the puck into the opponent's net more times than they score on your net.

How do youplay hockey?

you shoot the puck in the net

What is called a 'Puck' in Ice-hockey?

A puck is call a puck in Ice-Hockey it is a small rubber disc, where the goal is to get that disc into the back of your opponent's net more than they do to you.

What sports are played with a net but no ball?

Badminton Hockey has a net and is played with a puck.

How do you get a goal in Hockey?

try to shoot the puck in the net!

What happens to a hockey puck when a net force of 5 N acts on it?

It accelerates

What is considered a shot in hockey?

When you shoot the hockey puck and it either hits the goalie or gos in the net

How does gravity effect hockey?

Gravity effects hockey by keeping the puck on the ice. It also always players to hit the puck into the net without it flying out of the rink.

What old hockey rule addresses preceding the puck in the crease?

The puck must enter the net before the player

What is the object of ice hockey?

Get the puck in your oppenents net the most times

What sports have a net but no balls?

hockey it uses a puck

What happens to a hockey puck when a net force of 5 acts on it?

It accelerates

Can you use your feet in hockey?

you can in a way. the foot can be used to deflect a shot. Example: ur teamate shoot the puck at your foot, and you angle it towards the net, the puck goes in, it is a goal. HOWEVER you cannot use your skate blade to kick the puck in like soccer (which is why some goals have to be reviewed to see if there is a distinct kicking motion).

What does it mean to clear the puck mean?

It is a term used in playing Hockey. It means to get the puck away from your zone and away from your net.

What do goalies on ice hockey do?

Their primary job is to keep the puck from going into the net.

What is the main goal of ice hockey?

To put the puck in the OPPOSING TEAMS net.

What does a forward do in hockey?

take puck/ball, hit puck/ball with stick, put puck/ball into back of net. celebrate with teammates, help out the defense when needed

Sport which has a net but no ball?

Fishing, ice hockey Hockey has a net around the end of the rink to protect the fans from shots. There is no ball, used a puck is used instead.

How do you score goals in hockey?

Hit the puck across the goal line and into the back of the net.

What does the offencemen do hockey?

offencemen is a forward they try to put the puck in the other teams net

How do you win a game of hockey?

The team that shoots the puck into the opponents net the most times wins.

How do you keep score of a game of hockey?

when someone shoots the puck into the net that team gets a point.