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a bunt is where you hold your bat out in front of the plate holding the upper base and do not swing it

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Q: In baseball what is an infield hit where the hitter does not swing the bat?
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What is a 'switch hitter' in baseball?

A switch hitter is someone in baseball who can swing the bat both ways either with their left or right hand.

What happens to a baseball swing when too heavy of a bat is used?

Most likely a few things will happen: 1. Your bat speed will decrease. 2. Your swing will become longer and you hands will most likely no longer be inside the baseball. When your bat speed decreases and your swing lengthens it will become harder to hit faster pitching. The key to being a good hitter is a quick bat and short compact swing to the baseball. -

If fielder chooses you does it count as at-bat?

During an infield choice, the at-bat is counted and the hitter is not given a hit, nor does it increase their On-Base Percentage.

Does a called Infield Fly count as an at bat?

yes, the batter is charged with an at bat on an infield fly

Which bone wouold you swing a baseball bat with?


What hits a baseball further a heavy bat or a light bat?

The weight of the bat matters a little but nota lot. You want a light bat because you can swing it not a heavy bat then you cant swing it. Also what are you a contact hitter, power hitter, or more of a bunter? If you are a power hitter use an Exogrid or an Omaha. If you are a contact hitter than you would want to use a Stealth or Triton. If you are a bunter than you should get a good magazine or book then stay home on the couch. This is a bulls**t answer! I want the physics. Same person swinging, obviously can swing a lighter bat faster, but more mass in a heavier bat. Come on nerds, I need empirical evidence.

What is one way cricket and baseball are alike?

You swing a bat.

How is a baseball bat a lever?

Because you swing it to move something

A baseball bat kinetic energy to a baseball?

When you swing a baseball bat you are converting potential energy to kinetic energy, when the bat makes contact with the baseball in transfers a lot of that kinetic energy to the baseball.

How do you use shoulder in a sentence?

I used my shoulder to swing the bat in baseball.

What is a bat use for during baseball?

You use a baseball bat when you have to hit a ball. You have to also swing it to make the ball move when you are practice.

How does corking a baseball bat help a hitter?

Makes the bat lighter for greater bat speed

What is a sentence using the word bat?

"He was frightened by the bat, and swung at it with his baseball bat." "The bat is a flying mammal." "In baseball, you have to be careful how you swing the bat." "The children took turns trying to bat the piñata while blindfolded."

Does a donut weight effect a baseball bat?

yes it makes the swing on the bat harder but it slows down your swing so you cant hit it or cant get contact.

How much pressure can you swing a baseball bat with?

Put a air pump in the end of the bat then start pumping this will get the pressure of your bat up.

Will adding swing weights to a baseball bat make you swing faster or slower?

Actually on the show Sports Science they proved that when you swing with a weighted bat it actually messes up your swing mechanics because it uses the wrong muscles.

What do you call the guy who hits the ball with the baseball bat in baseball?

The hitter...

Is swinging a baseball bat doing work?

Yea your using muscle to swing the bat so yes it is work

What does it mean to choke up on a baseball bat?

it means to slide your hands up on the bat to make a quicker swing

Why is the end of a baseball bat hollowed out?

to make it lighter so you can swing it faster

Does the mass of a baseball bat react to the distance the baseball travels?

yes, because the heavier the bat is, the more weight you swing behind the ball and the further the baseball travels

Which is better -12 or -10 for a baseball bat?

Definately the -10 if you swing the bat fast enough, which you'd have to swing pretty slow not to. The -10 is the best for you probably (more pop)

Does the mass of a baseball bat determine how far a baseball will travel?

Yes but it would go farther if you used a light weight bat because it is based on bat speed the faster you swing the bat the farther it goes.

How fast does a baseball player have to swing his bat to hit a home run?

.009 Seconds

Use the word simulate in a sentence?

By pretending to hold a bat and swing, you are simulatingplaying baseball.