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No, the White Sox are in the American League, and the Cubs are in the National League.

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Q: Are the White Sox in the same league as the cubs?
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Who is Chicago's baseball team?

The Chicago Cubs are the National League team, and the Chicago White Sox are the American League team.

How many baseball teams are in Chicago?

Two. The Chicago Cubs are in the National League and the Chicago White Sox are in the American League.

What is the difference between the Chicago White Sox and the Chicago Cubs?

They are different teams with different colors, managers, players, etc. etc.ANSWERThe Chicago White Sox belong to the American League, The Chicago Cubs belong to the National League. The Chicago white sox are the south side team, the cubs are the north side teamAlso the cubs have better fans and hotter ones too honestly find some girls that are cubs fans and find some that are sox fans you will be able to tell the difference...

Is Taylor swift a cubs or White Sox?


What two major league baseball teams are found in Illinois?

Chicago Cubs Chicago White Sox

What are the similarities between the cubs and White Sox?

They are both Major League Baseball teams that have their stadiums in Chicago.

What is the two names of Illinois's major league baseball teams?

The Chicago cubs and Chicago white sox

What is the Chicago Cubs record against the Chicago White Sox since interleague play began in Major League Baseball?

Entering the 2010 season the Chicago White Sox are leading the Cubs in the crosstown showdown with 37 wins to the Cubs' 35 wins.

Who is better the Chicago Cubs or Chicago White Sox?


Who is better white sox or cubs?

white soxs

Who has the bigger fan base Cubs or White Sox?


Which team was first in Chicago Cubs or White Sox?


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