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of course.

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Q: Are the Los Angeles Lakers better than the Boston Celtics?
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Is Boston celtics better than LA Lakers?


Why are the Los Angeles Lakers better than the Celtics history wise?

they have had better teams

Which NBA team is better in NBA history San Antonio Spurs or Los Angeles lakers?

The Los Angeles Lakers have won 16 championships, but there is one teams that has more, the Boston Celtics with 17, so out of The Spurs and The Lakers i would probably go with the Lakers.

What team is better lakers or celtics?


Who better los angles lakers or Boston Celtics?

Los Angles Lakers is my team Azeez. Whoever we play we smash them. Boston Celtics is some trash. Lakers is better than boring Celtics. We go to the "NBA FINALS" ever year if we play the Celtics they can never beat us. Can`t stop "Kobe Bryant". Will make a shot in your face. "LOS ANGLES LAKERS ALL DAY". "BOO Celtics".

Who has home court advantage between lakers and Celtics?

The Lakers have home court advantage during the 2010 NBA Finals because they had a better regular-season record than the Celtics. Los Angeles was 57-25; Boston was 50-32.

Are the Celtics better than the lakers?

Heck no. Celtics are good but the Lakers would stomp them so bad.

Who is better Boston or lakers?


Who is better Florida Cavs or Los angeles Lakers?

la lakers

Which NBA team is better in NBA history Celtics or Lakers?

The Celtic-Laker Rivalry is the oldest, most famous, and (in my opinion) the best rivalry in the NBA. Championships: Celtics: 17 Lakers: 16 Finals Appearances: Celtics: 20 Lakers: 30 Division Titles: Celtics: 27 Lakers: 31 Missed Playoffs how many times: Celtics: 10 Lakers: 5 All-Time Winning %: Celtics: 59.4 Lakers: 61.8 So, overall, Lakers because of their numbers and better players. Sources:

Who is better the Lakers or Celtics?

That's up to your personal opinion:In 2010-2011, the edge goes to the Lakers. They have won more games against the Celtics, which indicates that they're better. They have also won more championships over the last 20 years, while the Celtics glory years date to the 1960s and 1980s. After losing in 2008, the Lakers topped the Celtics in 2010. The Lakers also reach the finals more than the Celtics do. Overall, the Lakers are better now especially because Shaq retired in 2011.Celtics won a game, and then got out, but the Lakers lost all without winning.Boston Celtics Because they have more titles than the L.A. Lakers.Lakers because more championships against the Celtics and they have Kobe Bryant.

What is stronger team Orlando Magic or Los Angeles Lakers?

The Los Angeles Lakers are an overall better team.

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