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la lakers

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Q: Who is better Florida Cavs or Los angeles Lakers?
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Is lakers better than the cavs?

i don't know there both good because on the lakers theres Kobe Bryant and on the cavs theres the lakers

Who will win the champion ship in 2010 in the nba?

the cavs will win over the los angeles lakers 4-2

Who is going to win the 2010 nba finals?

cavs,celtics or lakers

Who going to win the 2010 NBA finals?

cavs,celtics or lakers

What 10 basketball teams have their cities?

nuggets, lakers, cavs,cubs,yankees

Who were the last 10 nba champions?

2000- Los Angeles Lakers beat the Indiana Pacers 2001-Los Angeles Lakers beat the Philadelphia 76ers 2002-Los Angeles Lakers beat the New Jersey Nets 2003-San Antonio Spurs beat the New Jersey Nets 2004-Detriot Pistons beat the Los Angeles Lakers 2005-San Antonio Spurs beat the Detroit Pistons 2006-Miami Heat beat the Dallas Mavericks 2007-San Antonio Spurs beat the Cleveland Cavs 2008-Boston Celtics beat the Los Angeles Lakers 2009-Los Angeles Lakers beat the Orlando Magic

Who will win the 2010 NBA finals?

cavs suck.the Lakers should win against the celticsEither the BOS Celtics or the LA Lakers

Which NBA team is better the nets or the cavs?

The heat is better than the nets and the cavs!!!!!!!!1

Who is going to win the playoffs Boston Celtics or Los Angeles Lakers?

In my opinion, the Celtics will win in a landslide. Anything could happen, though. No one knows for sure. But it could be the Lakers or the Celtics or it could even be the Cavs, Magic or the Spurs. Only time will tell

What are the five most popular teams in NBA basketball?

Boston Detroit lakers cavs and Orlando

Who will win the NBA title?

cavaliers. they will beat the lakers 4-2 Right teams, wrong result it will be the Lakers beating the Cavs in seven games.

Who has a better team the Cavaliers or the Lakers?

the lakers because Kobe has a better mid-jumpshot than lebron and lebron barely has anybody to help him and Kobe has pau gasol Ron artest and shannon brown all lebron has is verejoe moe Williams and shaq the lakers have a better coach they have Phil Jackson the cavs just has mike brown the lakers have a better roster a better coach and more talent so the answer is very clear any questions? And by the way, that was the answer for the years before 2011. In 2011, LeBron moved to the Maimi Heat. So Lakers by a lot.

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