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it depends, penny's are made for fast cruising

while stereo vinyl cruisers are made for cruising but are better for tricks. vinyl cruisers are cheaper but penny is the way to go.

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โˆ™ 2012-05-14 02:18:47
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Q: Are stereo vinyl cruisers better than penny boards?
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Are stereo vinyl cruisers better than pennys?

Sure it's way better than any penny board

Are the trucks on stereo vinyl cruisers and penny skateboards the same?

size wise the penny i think has a little bit bigger (i have both) So no but i like the stereos better

What is better for riding penny boards or long boards?

Long boards are better.

Is penny boards better than eightbit boards?

no the eightbit is thicker and long. that makes eight bit a lot better than penny boards and the eightbit is also cheaper!

What is better long board or penny board?

They are both easy to ride on but in my opinion penny boards are better

What is a better skateboard penny cruiser or stereo cruiser?

stereo cruiser but thats just my opinion

Are there different models of penny boards?

because penny boards rules

Are fizz boards and penny boards the same?


Where do you buy penny boards in Canada?

Penny boards can usually be found in sports/beach shops such as Billabong or Rozy. Or, you can search online for shops that sell penny boards in Canada. You can also order a custom penny board on the Penny website.

Are penny's good?

If you mean the Penny plastic cruisers, then, yes, they are. They are strong and awesome to cruise on, and great for tricks, too. If you're a beginner, then this is the board for you! I had one of these boards before a proper skateboard and it's the best board I've been on. I'd definately reccomend!

Where can you get cheap penny boards?


Who invented penny boards?

Ben Mckay

Can you ride penny boards in the UK?


What is the best long boarding brand?

Penny skateboards Australia they are actually shot but they are the best cruisers!!!!!

Are penny boards for girls?

It can be both for girls and boys

Are penny's classed as long-boards or skate boards?

they are cuiser board and are very fun you should buy one

How much are Penny boards?

RAnge from 90 to' 150 dollars

Can you ride a penny board if you're fat?

There is a penny board called the Penny Killer by Churchill that is a lot heavier than most penny boards. This will allow someone who is not as skinny to use them.

What cleans a penny better a lemon or lime?

A lemon cleans a penny better.

Can coke clean a penny better than sprite?

coke cleans penny better

How much are penny skateboards?

>penny boards are and average of a 100$ dollars, amazon 95$, zoomiez 100$

What makes a better conductor a penny or nickel?


How much do pennyboards cost?

penny boards usually range in price from $100 to $150. .

Is a penny better than a retro skateboard?

yes penny is better!

Is Penny hot?

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