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stereo cruiser but thats just my opinion

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โˆ™ 2012-02-18 15:52:19
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Q: What is a better skateboard penny cruiser or stereo cruiser?
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Is a penny skateboard better than a mini cruiser skateboard?


Is a penny better than a retro skateboard?

yes penny is better!

What is better nickel skateboard or penny skateboard?

a penny is the original so thats what you should buy because its way funner to ride and you cud keep it in your locker

Are stereo vinyl cruisers better than penny boards?

it depends, penny's are made for fast cruising while stereo vinyl cruisers are made for cruising but are better for tricks. vinyl cruisers are cheaper but penny is the way to go.

Why is a penny board better than a normal skateboard?

because of the shortness of it you can turn easier and do better tricks and stuff. also they are cute and guys look hotter on a penny

Is a ripstik better than a penny skateboard?

anything is better than a ripstik... a 2x4 with rollerskate wheels taped to it is better than a ripstik.

Are stereo vinyl cruisers better than pennys?

Sure it's way better than any penny board

What is better z-flex or penny skateboard?

Penny board is for those who love to go fast and to tricks, z flex is for those who wanna casually go on a rode, so penny is better, but for some people it is too small. but it is eider to carry, like in your back pack, so penny!!!

What is a penny board?

A penny board is basically a mini plastic skateboard.

Are the trucks on stereo vinyl cruisers and penny skateboards the same?

size wise the penny i think has a little bit bigger (i have both) So no but i like the stereos better

How big is a penny skateboard?

An average "Penny" by Penny Skateboards is 27' inches. The "Nickel" by Penny Skateboards, is 27' inches.

How big are penny skateboard wheels?

Penny wheels are 59mm in diameter. Hardness is 78a.

Should you buy a Penny skateboard for cruising?

Yes!! i bought one myself and i love it it rolls much better then any longboard!!

How long is a penny nickel skateboard?

27 inches

How many Australian dollars does a penny skateboard cost?

No one knows!

Where can you get a pro skateboard for a six year old?

the Penny Skateboard would be a good idea for a six year old because i know a little seven year old girl that rides skate boards and she started off using a penny.

Can you put penny board trucks on a regular skateboard deck pattern?


What type of bushings would fit a penny skateboard?

just normal bushings

Where can you find a diagram for the fuse box in a 1976 Toyota Land Cruiser?

You should buy the Haynes manual for the Cruiser. Worth every penny if you are mechanically inclined.

How much does a custom penny skateboard cost?

Depends on where you are shopping, but you can get one for about £90 at Route One.

What is the difference between a cruiser penny nickel board and a regular penny nickel board?

The size

What cleans a penny better a lemon or lime?

A lemon cleans a penny better.

Can coke clean a penny better than sprite?

coke cleans penny better

What makes a better conductor a penny or nickel?


What kind of board does jc caylen have?

If you mean like skateboard it's a penny board other than that I can't help you