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It depends on the turf. But, if it's just grass go with the mids for better footing

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Q: Are low or mid cleats recommended for football?
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Is Nike Mens Vapor Pro Mid Football Cleats rubber?

No but there also not detachable

Can you wear nike str8 jackets with mid cleats?

If you want to, then yes.

Cleats for paintball?

im a d3 paintball player and i have used all types of cleats. what i have found to be the best is baseball cleats with the hard rubber bottoms, not the metal spikes or plastic spikes. get them in mid not low. but you will easily be able to play outdoor and very well indoor or on turf. but you will not be able to play good on turf with others. also, do not use boots.

Do high top cleats make you run faster than low tops?

high tops encourage with your ankle to be weak get low tops or mid tops youll run faster with those they let you r ankle move

Is there a difference between soccer cleats and goalie cleats?

No, for T-ball you will want a pair of baseball cleats and for soccer you will want soccer cleats. they are made differnently, and for best results you will want to get cleats for each different sport. Cleats normally last 1-3 yrs so after that you might want to replace them.

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screw ins, 3/4 length, high ankle. But most importantly, make sure they have hard leather over your toes because yoru feet WILL get stepped on ALOT here is one I use-'s?supercat=home&cm=54644P

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