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Q: Who is the world best football mid fielder?
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Who is the world best football mid-fielder?

i think kaka is the best football mid in the whole of the world he is class at what he does and can take people on for fun messi doesnt stand a chance if he was against kakaSO KAKA IS THE BEST

Is Frank Lampard a mid-fielder?

Yes, he is a mid-fielder.

What does a mid-fielder do?

A midfielder has to have good fitness because he has to go to defence and attack. And the length of a professional football field is well HUGE!

Who is the best foot baller in the world?

This year it is Cristiano Ronaldo, a portuguese football/soccer player who plays as mid fielder, striker or any other because he is such a complete athlete. He has over thrity individual honors/awards and is only 23 years old.

What is faster football or soccer?

soccer beacuse its the best sport in the world, and mid fielders run a lot.

What does Mesut Ozil play?


What are the positions to a field hockey team?

left forward, center forward, right forward, right mid-fielder, center mid-fielder, left mid-fielder, left back, center back, right back, sweeper, goalie.

What position does critiano ronaldo play?

Mid Fielder.

What position does mesut ozil play?


Who is playing in the world cup for Brazil?

robinho(forward),luis fabiano(forward),elano(mid-fielder),julio cesar(goal keeper),maicon(defender),thiago silva(defenedr),gilberto(defender),juan(defender),alex(defender),ramires(mid-fielder) but not ronaldinho or ronaldo

Who is the best right mid in the world?

The best right mid by far is Luis Antonio Valencia the amazing Ecuadorian

Who do people like best Man United Football Club or Chelsea Football Club?

I personally would say Chelsea because they are in first place and seem to be a better team. They also have a fantastic goalkeeper Petr Chec and a great forward, Didier Drogba. However Man U has Rooney who is currently the best mid-fielder in England---his aggression and hunger to win is really great.

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