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i don't think so only wooden ones cause if you hit a Baseball with an aluminum and it hits someone it could hurt them very bad so get used to wooden.

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Q: Are aluminum bats legal in high school baseball?
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Are wood bats legal in little league baseball?

Yes, but why use it, it isn't better than aluminum

What do aluminum baseball bats contain?

one main thing an aluminum baseball can contain is ALUMINUM

What hits the farthest wooden bats or aluminum bats?

Generally, a human can hit a baseball faster and farther with an aluminum bat than with a wooden one because of the elasticity of the material. Statistics also show that balls coming off of aluminum bats create more injuries. This is why they are considering banning aluminum bats in college and high school baseball.

Which metal is used for making baseball bats?

Baseball bats generally made from wood or metal. Metal baseball bats are usually made of aluminum or an aluminum alloy.

Are wood baseball bats harder than aluminum baseball bats?


What element is found in baseball bats?

Baseball bats are often made of aluminum, a lightweight, relatively cheap metal.

Are BESR baseball bats legal in high school in 2012?

Yes, onlyBBCOR certified bats will be used in the 2012 baseball season In high school. However, the BBCOR bats are terrible. I prefer you save your money and buy a wood bat.

Is the cf4 black legal in 2012 for high school?

No, Composite bats will not be allowed after the 2011 Spring season for high school baseball

Baseball wood or aluminum?

aluminum bats are only used from college baseball, to little league, they only use wood bats in the majors and all minor leagues

What is two ways that people use aluminum?

1)aluminum foil 2)baseball bats

Can minor league baseball players use aluminum bats?


Why are aluminum baseball barrels of the bats different from softball bats?

because of the ball size

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