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Yes, onlyBBCOR certified bats will be used in the 2012 Baseball season In high school. However, the BBCOR bats are terrible. I prefer you save your money and buy a wood bat.

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Q: Are BESR baseball bats legal in high school in 2012?
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Do wood bats need to be BESR certified?

Yes they do. All Bats need to be besr certified for high school baseball.

What is the baseball bat drop weight requirement for middle school in Fresno California?

-5 bat is legal for Central Valley Middle School's , I'm not sure if it has to be BBCOR or BESR.

Can you use composite bats in high school baseball?

Yes you can use them until the spring season of 2012, then you must use BBCOR certified bats. (Right now they are BESR certified)

Is the -3 Demarini Voodoo Black bat legal for the 2010-2011 high school season?

Yes, as long as it has the BESR stamp on it.

Are composite baseball bats legal?

According to the BESR composite bats are compulsory when playing baseball in America sine 2003, however in Mexico they are still illegal and in the UK baseball doesn't exist.

Are BESR baseball bats illegal in 2012?

Not necessarily. Here's what we know so far...The NCAA will have a new bat rule which takes effect 1/1/2011.The NFHS will follow that rule on 1/1/2012.Aluminum barrel bats that are BESR certified now will Probably meet the new standard and grandfathered in.To avoid internet hearsay and self-proclaimed "experts", for the most current regulation approved high-school / college (BBCOR) legal bats, see perpetual link below.

Are besr certified high school bats legal for 2011?

Yes but they have to meet a requirement just go to this website and it shows u the bats u can use see below

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What are rules for type of baseball bats for middle school?

well if ur using -3 bats then they have to have a 3 number difference between the length and width and have to be BESR certified. This means that the Bat Exit Speed Ratio of the ball coming off the ball cant b above a certain mph, i think it is 97 mph. If the bat has a BESR sticker on it and is -3 its good

What is the rule for bat size in High School baseball?

The bat has to have a -3 difference in the length and weight (exp. 32 inches long 29 ounces) and has to be BESR certified. This means the Bat Exit Speed Ratio that the ball can't come off the ball above a certain speed. i believe its 97 mph. So if ur bat is a -3 and has a BESR sticker on it its good

What are rules to playing high school baseball?

Usually the same as Major Leagues, but only playing 7 innings. The bat has to have a -3 difference in the length and weight (exp. 32 inches long 29 ounces) and has to be BESR certified.

Why did baseball bats change to BBCOR certified?

a kid got killed in Georgia with a BESR composite bat. they are trying to prevent that from happening again so BBCOR batshave a lot less pop and "trampoline affect". or they don't jump off the barrel like BESR bats

What are the new bat regulations for 2011 high school baseball and what bats meet the standards of those regulations?

- Aluminum bats that are BESR certified and labeled as such are legal for play in the 2011 season. .- Any aluminum bat that meets the 2012 standard is legal for play in the 2011 season. .- Any composite bat that meets the 2012 standard is legal for play in the 2011 season. .- If a composite bat is not 2012 compliant (BBCOR and appropriately labeled), it is illegal for play in the 2011 season. .- The BBCOR performance standard positions the performance of non-wood bats to the high end of wood bat performance. .- Composite Bat BBCOR standard requires compliance with Accelerated Break In (ABI) testing; i.e., the bat remains within the performance limits throughout its life. Current composite bats exceed the top performance limit with use. Taso umpires

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Two models are the BNC1 and BNC3.

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Are sv12 bats composite?

The sv12 has a composite handle and a scandium alloy barrel so the barrel is not composite. Even so though the bat is only besr certified so no matter where you play starting spring of 2012 it will be illegal.

Did easton make an omen -5 senior league bat model bnc12xl that was not besr certified?

Yes... but very hard to find!

What are the types of illegal baseball bats?

It really depends on what league/association you are playing in as some required the new BBCOR certification and others just need a BESR certification which almost all bats have, but if you look at a bat it has the certification printed on it so just look at it before you buy it

Does a wood or aluminium baseball bat hit further?

Performance standards on non-wood bats have been tightened as they are governed by the BESR (Ball Exit Speed Ratio) standard. In layman's terms, the speed of the batted balls off metal/non-wood bats is comparable to that of the best major league wood bat.This standard has been adopted by the NCAA and the National Federation of State High School Associations.Bats used at the Little League level are governed by the BPF Standard which dictates that the rebound effect of the batted ball off non-wood bats cannot exceed the rebound effect of the batted ball off a wood bat. These standards (both BESR and BPF) are presented to bat makers which they must follow.Mike May Don't Take My Bat Away ( 561-427-0657 (office)

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Little league baseball wood bat rules?

I am looking for that info also. I looked in the rule book and it does not say much other than barrell diameter (2 1/4" and 2 5/8" jr ansd sr) and length. But it also has to be Little League approved. That is the unknown. I know for non-wood it has to be tested (BESR) and have a BPF less or equal to 1.15.

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