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1.5 miles per hour. Maybe less.

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Q: All time fastest girls softball pitch?
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Can you steal more than 1 base at a time in girls softball?

Yes, You can steal three bases in fast pitch softball. You can not steal first.

What is the fastest base running time in softball?

The fastest is around a 2.5 home to 1st time

What is the fastest time running from home to first in fast pitch softball?

probably around 2.4 sec or less than that even

What are some similarities between girls baseball and girls softball?

They both pretty much do the same thing except for in softball you can pitch with a full circle arm or an underhand throw but in girls baseball you can only throw under hand. Most of the time girls don't play baseball more than likely almost all girls that play a type of baseball play softball.

How many player on the field in softball?

There are nine players at a time on the field for fastpitch softball and ten for slow pitch softball

What was the fastest time for 50 meter swim?

The fastest time for the girls 50 meter swimming is 18.19.

What is a 65 mph softball equal to in baseball?

Softball pitchers pitch from 43 feet, while baseball pitchers pitch from 60.5 feet. Therefore, A 65 mph softball pitch is equivalent to a 91 mph baseball pitch. Each reaction time is approx .45 seconds.

How many teenage girls play softball?

Supposedly, when starting (age 6). 48% play (t-ball, coach pitch) but as time goes on, it drops to about 29%.

What is the fastest time of running the bases in softball?

My 13 year old daughter ran the bases in 13.2 seconds. Is that a good time?

Girls fastest time for 100m dash 9-10?


What is the fastest time ran for a 10 and under girls?

10000 minutes

What is science variables?

Variables are the different thing in the experiment. Ex.-Problem-Which ball rolls fastest? Hypothesis-The Softball will roll fastest. Investigation-Roll the balls at the same time and time them with a stopwatch. Conclusion-Basketball rolled the fastest. Variables-The balls.

How do you pitch a softball?

When you pitch a softball the first thing you do is hold the ball than you round your arm one time and when you get next to your hip let go. But when you round your arm make sure you take a big step/ stride.

Is an overhanded pitch going to effect a fast-pitch softball players hitting?

Yes, because when you are a batter for softball you tend to time the pitch as your arm goes around so over hand can mess up your timing and ruin the speed of the bat causeing you to do bad at the plate.

What is a fast running time in softball home to home?

The fastest time rounding the bases in a game of baseball is 13.3 seconds. This record was set by Evar Swanson in 1932.

Is softball pitching faster than baseball?

not typically.. the softball is bigger than the baseball and is thrown underhand, typically making it slower. -Yes, throwing underhand is not as fast as a baseball pitch. But, in softball you have less time to react to the ball than you would in baseball. So technically softball.

What are some softball tricks?

there is a trick pitch which is when you let go of the ball before you swing your arm around the second time(;

What is the reaction time of a fastpitch softball player?

it depends how hard the pitch is coming or how hard the ball is hit but you have to have quick reflexes

Fast pitch softball switch hitting in the same at bat?

You can move to the other side of the plate during an at bat IF you ask for time out from the umpire AND time out is granted.

What time of year is fast pitch softball played?

Depends on where you live. In the south we start playing in February and end around November.

Who has the fastest middle school mile for girls?

Sydney Tullai with a time of 5 minutes 7.8 seconds.

What is the fastest 10 year old girls mile time?

There is no 10 year old official record for the 1500m

What is the fastest girls 100 meter dash time?

Florence Griffith-Joyner of the United States ran it in 10.62

What are some basic rules for softball?

You can steel only in 10u and can bunt,slab,kid pitch,you dont have to call time after every play

Is there a time limit for how long a softball pitcher can take to deliver a pitch?

Yes, because if there isn't a time limit the roller could just not roll when their winning the game........The time limit is 10 seconds once the batter has stepped in the box and is ready to take the pitch.