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Yes. On a tag play, if a runner crosses home plate before another runner is tagged for the third out the run counts.

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Q: 2 outs runner on 3b and 1b and batter hits grounder to 2nd who tags runner instead of the base does the run count since both batter and 3b touched before tag?
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Bases loaded two outs the batter hits the ball into the outfield all three runners touch homeplate but the batter runner is tagged out trying to get to 3rd base do the runs count?

All runners who touched home plate before the batter/runner was tagged out are considered to have scored runs.

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When a pitch is made, at any time the pitch hits the batter, it is considered a base on balls (walk) unlessthe ball is in the strike zone (and hasn't touched the ground)the batter makes no attempt to move out of the wayIf the batter makes no attempt to move out of the way the pitch is just ruled a ball. But if it is ball 4, then the batter is awarded the walk.

What happens If a batter has two strikes and goes to the dugout before strike three.e out?

He can't. He can only be knocked out on strike three, tag-outs (which accurs when a fielder with the baseball tags the batter), or fly-outs (which a fielder catches the baseball before it touches the ground). However, if a fielder catches the baseball before it touches the ground, but it touched the ground before it was hit by the bat, then it's still fly-out.

When a batter bats out of order who is out the impropper batter or the the right batter?

the proper batter. Let's say batter 2 is supposed to be up but batter 3 bats instead. If the defensive team calls attention to the fact before he finishes his at bat - the batter 2 will bat and resume the count batter 3 had Now suppose batter 3 got a single and the defensive team called it to the umpires attention then batter 2 would be declared out and batter 3 would then bat again as he is thescheduled hitter. If the defensive team did not catch the batting out of order infraction before the first pitch to the next batter -which is batter 4- then batter 4 would be the legal batter

What happens to the batter runner and other base runners if a batted ball hits a runner before passing an infielder?

If a runner is touched by a batted ball while off base before the ball passes an infielder (other than the pitcher), it's dead ball, runner is out. If the runner is on base when touched by a batted ball, it's live ball and play continues.

Bases loaded nobody out Batter hits a ball and the side is retired making three outs Nobody on the defensive team touches the ball How?

The lead runners could all have been passed by the batter before any of them touched the plate after the batter hit a home run. The three lead runners would all be called out.

If there is no strikes and a batter hits the ball not in the air in the faul taritory and the catcher catches is it a out?

If the batted ball is on the ground and touched by a defensive player while the ball is in foul territory, before passing 1B or 3B, then it is foul, and the batter is not out. But if the batted ball is hit in the air, a pop up, and the catcher catches it while in foul territory, the batter is out.

What is the ruling if a pitched ball bounces before it hits the batter?

The answer is listed under 2.00 - "Definitions of Terms" official baseball rules. It states that: If a pitch touches the ground and bounces through the strike zone it is a "ball". If such a pitch touches the batter, he shall be awarded first base. If the batter hits such a pitch, the ensuing action shall be the same as if he hit the ball in flight. Yes. MLB Rule 6.08(b) makes no distinction as to whether the ball does or does not hit the ground prior to hitting the batter. MLB Rule 6.08(b) is below: " He is touched by a pitched ball which he is not attempting to hit unless (1) The ball is in the strike zone when it touches the batter, or (2) The batter makes no attempt to avoid being touched by the ball; If the ball is in the strike zone when it touches the batter, it shall be called a strike, whether or not the batter tries to avoid the ball. If the ball is outside the strike zone when it touches the batter, it shall be called a ball if he makes no attempt to avoid being touched. APPROVED RULING: When the batter is touched by a pitched ball which does not entitle him to first base, the ball is dead and no runner may advance. "

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Is a runner out if he is touched on the helmet before he crosses home plate?


A batter is touched by a fair ball and is declared out with a runner on first can the runner on first advance to second or must he stay at first?

If a runner is touched by a fair batted ball, in fair territory, before passing a fielder, it's interference, the ball is dead, the runner is Out, and all other runners must return to the base occupied at the time of the pitch, unless forced to advance due to the batter being awarded 1B on the play.

How do you steal home base?

You steal a base by running for it before the pitcher even pitches, instead of waiting for the batter to hit the ball. If the pitcher sees you, instead of pitching to the batter the pitcher must throw the ball to a team mate who must tag you out before you reach the base safely. You can choose to return to the base you started on, but to steal the base you must arrive safely on home.

If a line drive goes into the pitchers jersey is it an out?

A batter-runner is ruled out if any fielder gains full, controlled possession of the live baseball in flight. If a hit baseball were to hit off the head of one fielder, and be caught by another fielder who gained controlled possession before the ball touched the ground or a wall, the batter would be out. So the assumed conclusion would be that yes, if the pitcher were able to reach into his uniform and gain full, controlled possession of the baseball before it touched the ground, the batter would be out. It would be like any other bobbled ball that was eventually controlled before touching the ground. However, there may be specific ground rules relating to a player's uniform.

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In softball if a runner on 3rd scores before a batter running to 1st is tagged instead of the fielder touching 1st base does the run count?

As long as it isn't the third out.

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