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As a javelin throw myself I would have to say that an average is 500 feet for a 17 year old girl.

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Abigail Blanda

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Above WR by over 90 metres

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Q: What is the average javelin throw for a 17 year old?
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What weight javelin does a 13 year old boy throw?

600 gram

How much should a 13 year old throw for Javelin?

220 - 230 cm

What is the average throw for a 13 year old javelin?

On average, a 13-year-old may be able to throw a javelin between 30-50 feet. However, this can vary based on individual strength and technique. It's important for young athletes to receive proper coaching and training to improve their throwing distance.

What is the average distance for a Javelin throw by a 13 year old girl?

my daughter does javlin and she is 13. Her highest is 18m. in her class through the scoring ranks are bronze - 8m Silver - 12m Gold - 16m

How old was Jan zelezny when he set the world record javelin throw?

Jan Zelezny was 28 years old when he set the world record for javelin throw on May 25, 1996 with a distance of 98.48 meters.

What is the average javelin throw for a 15 year old boy?

Depends how long you've been throwing really. If you're just picking it up you should throw like 20-30 meters, but once you get good you can expect to hit 40 meter throws

What is the average javelin throw for a 12 year old?

One shouldn't ask about the average throw for a certain age because with throwing events, it all depends on the size and strength of the athlete. If you're 12 years old and you have a strong core and your form is close to perfect, then good for you. But that 12 year old may be able to throw as far as an 18 year old. Height contributes to throwing distances; the taller you are, the wider your arm span is, and the further you're able to throw your implement. However, people who aren't as tall may be able to throw as far as the tall people as well; they just have to have more speed than the tall ones.

How fast can the average twelve year old throw a ball?

I am twelve and I can throw about 70-75 mph. For an average child maybe 80-85 mph.

What is the average shotput throw for an 11 year old girl?

The average shot put throw for an 11 year old girl is around 5-7 meters. However, this can vary depending on the level of training and natural ability of the individual.

What is the distance a 14 year old boy can throw a javelin?

It depends, if you are still in middle school and throwing the 600 gram, the top prospects throw roughly 50 meters, but if you're in high school and throwing the 800 gram at 14, then probably around 45 meters would be good. If you want to be recruited you need to throw 180 feet minimum, but 60 meters or 200 feet if you want to make it big. I was one of the top u14 throwers in the country by throwing 50 meters, but a good thrower would throw 35-40 at 14 years old. Usually, there are 1 or 2 kids in high school that throw 70 meters, but 60 meters will get you basically anywhere.

Javelin throw record?

The current world record for the men's javelin throw is 98.48 meters, set by Jan Železný of the Czech Republic in 1996. The women's world record is 72.28 meters, achieved by Barbora Špotáková, also from the Czech Republic, in 2008.

Average Throwing distance for 12 year old quarterback?

well it depends on your body type, how tall and strong you are. but an average 12 year old should be able to throw 25 yards max.