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It's the same physical for any other sport im pretty sure.

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Gymnastics, track, cheer-leading, dance, Golf, tennis, soccer, softball, ice-skating, Wrestling, weight-lifting, and swimming.

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Q: What do they do for a sports physical for girls?
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Are girls better at playing boy sports?

While girls are great athletes, no scientific evidence shows that they are better than boys in sports. It simply depends on the athlete and their physical abilities.

Why shouldn't girls play sports with boys in middle school?

Girls do play mixed sports. However, at this age physical development through puberty is commencing and some sports require high physical contact which can be difficult considering the physical sizes of male and females. Added to this is the fact that may youngsters feel uncomfortable involved in mixed activities. There are many sports that can and are played from tennis to swimming.

What has the author Patricia Bennett written?

Patricia Bennett has written: 'The history and objectives of the National Section for Girls and Women's Sports' -- subject(s): American Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, American Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. Division for Girls and Women's Sports

What are physical sports for girls?

That would easily be gymnastics and cheer! Or maybe softball, it all depends what you like most :)

Do guys like play wrestling with girls?

a lot of guys like playing sports anyway, but playing sports with girls can be fun because when guys play sports with each other there is usually an awful amount of competition that isn't usually there when they play with girls (must be something to do with how men and women interact or something I'm not sure). as a guy that doesn't usually enjoy playing physically sports, playing physical sports with girls is a lot of fun because I find it's more about fun and not all about competition and what not. there's often an added benefit of 'getting physical' if you will, with the opposite sex, that most men enjoy.

Are boys sports better than girls sports?

not in all sports. girls are usually better in tennis

What sports do only girls play besides softball?

All the sports that boys do but with girls.

What physical changes occur during puberty and adolescence that affect physical performance in boys and girls?

Muscle growth increases giving better performance in sports for both boys and girls. Puberty is the onset of changing from child to adult in both body and brain.

What are sports for girls?

Soccer is a girls sport

What sports can girls do?

girls could do more better sports that boys like tennis and volleyball

How many girls love boy sports?

About 1 out of 5 girls like girl sports

Are boys sports superior to girls sports?

No they play equal sports.