Are girls better at playing boy sports?

Updated: 8/21/2019
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While girls are great athletes, no scientific evidence shows that they are better than boys in sports. It simply depends on the athlete and their physical abilities.

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Q: Are girls better at playing boy sports?
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How many girls play boy sports?

Quite a lot, but there's no such thing of boy sports, people just call them boy sports because more boys play it than girls. all sports are made for girls and boys.

What percent of girls that want to play boy sports?

Well I like boy sports and these girly girls don't so about 60%

How many girls love boy sports?

About 1 out of 5 girls like girl sports

Boy's are better in math than girls?

Boy are better in math than girls?

Why are girls not allowed to be in boy sports?

because girls would get hurt more (apparently!) I'm a girl and i love sports but im not allowed to play in any boys sports! im lucky aswell though because my school has a girls team! I'm a girl and i love playing sports! im very competitive and athletic but i have to admit guys are just overall stronger than girls. I don't wanna get hurt either even though im probably better at sports than half the guys at my school!

What should a boy do when he loses to girls at sports?

admit that girls can do anything guys can do(:

How many girls play boy sports with boys?


Do boys like it when girls talk about sports?

It depends on the type of boy. However, girls should talk about whatever interests them and if its sports, then great! You can express interest in sports but don't pretend you like something if you really don't. Be yourself and boys will like you for who you are. If they don't, you can find better boys!

Can girls play boy sports?

yes if u set your mind to it

Who has better hygiene boys or girls?

depends which girl or boy.

What are the differences in the sports baseball and softball?

Softball has girls playing. Baseball has boys playing. The softball is 2 as big as a baseball. Girl Pitchers pitch underarm boy pitchers pitch over hand.

Should girls play on boy sport?

Yes, nowadays there are boy sport that playing by the girls like basketball and softball.