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Basketball is better than touch

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Q: What are the participation rates for Touch football?
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What is the highest participation sport in the world?

Futbol or as known in America soccer is the sport with the highest participation.

Can participation rates reach 100 percent?


What are the participation rates of rugby in Rugby?

Participation rates of Rugby League in Australia is very high, roughly same about how much people play rugby union in France or England.

How do you increase participation in football?

The best way to increase participation in football is to make it fun for everyone. You can try motivating your players, but you have to identify what motivates each player.

A type of football game that does not involve tackling?

Flag football or touch football

High rates of voter participation continued into the 1840s and 1850s because?

Literacy rates continued to rise at a rapid rate.

What others sports can use a football?

In Australia, the game of "Touch" is played with a football. It is sometimes incorrectly called "Touch football", but it has no allegiance to the game of football.

Why do participation rates for adolescents tend to steadily decline as age increases?

Because it just does

How do you say touch football in french?

"touch rugby"

Does ball have to touch the ground in onsides kick?

In an on-sides kick the football does not have to touch the ground. The football must travel at least 10 yards before the kicking team can legally touch the football.

What is the Differences between NRL and Touch Football?

NRL is tackle football, there are kicks in play (start of field) and there are converisons. Touch football requires you to touch a player, no kicks during plays and no converisons.

What is it called when you play football with no pads?

Touch/Flag Football.