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i personally think yes its a great infleuence to that childs life

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Q: Should kids play with kids in their own age group?
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At what age should kids be able to play violent games?

at the age of 10 or 13 at teen age

What is the sims 3 late night age restrition?

well if your talking about what age the sims ppeole think that kids should play this, then its 13. but i bet half of the kids who play this is under this age

What age should you let your kids play m games?

lets see you should let them play m games (without sex) at the age of 14

What is the age group of kids that play violent video games?

Anyone over 6. A LOT (mark my words) of little kids (for some reason -_-) play Call of Duty.

Should kids play hockey in their own age group?

both yes and no. yes because it is a really fun sport. and no because you could get hit in the face so be careful!

What age should kids play T games?

I would say 12 and over.

Did NFL players play football with kids their age?

Nobody played with kids their age. == ==

For what age groups is the Furby Boom Straight Strips safe for?

These toys are marketed for the age group of three to sixteen. Children younger than this age group should not play with these toys as they can pose as a choking hazard.

What age do kids in Cuba start to play baseball?

at the age of 7

Should kids under the age of 14 play contact sports?

Yes they should. At my high school (England) we started in year seven, when I was eleven.

What is babydows age group?

There is no set age group. People can play from when they can start talking to when they are elderly!

Where can you play adoption games online?

well moshi monsters is fun! i dont know what age group you need. But moshi monsters for kids that are from 7-12ish