Do the french play cricket

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It's probably more accurate to say there is cricket played in France. There are several teams and France competes in European cricket leagues.

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Q: Do the french play cricket
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A french footballer who played for arsanal?

Thierry Henry is French and did once play for arsenal.

What role did the French play in World War 1?

France was a major participant in WWI and many of the battles were fought on its soil and it capital was threatened by the war itself.

What role did lawyers play in the french revolution?

Lawyers were wealthy members of the Bourgeoisie and were highly regarded during the French Revolution. Lawyers were members of the Third Estate, which had been abused by the other two Estates, paying the largest tax burden and receiving less benefits.

What is the significance of Don Bradman?

Donald George Bradman, born on 27 August 1908 in Cootamundra, New South Wales, is often regarded as the greatest batsman, not only of Australian cricket, but of all time. His batting average of 99.94 from his 52 Tests was nearly double the average of any other player before or since. His contribution to Australian cricket has been significant, and his talent as an individual arguable brought Australia to the centre stage of world cricket. Bradman was drafted in grade cricket in Sydney at the age of 18. Within a year he was representing New South Wales and within three he had made his Test debut. In the English summer of 1930 he scored 974 runs over the course of the five Ashes tests, the highest individual total in any test series. Even at almost forty years of age - most players today are retired by their mid-thirties - Bradman returned to play cricket after World War II. On 12 June 1948, he scored 138 in the First Test Cricket at Trent Bridge. In his farewell 1948 tour of England the team he led, dubbed "The Invincibles", went undefeated throughout the tour, a feat unmatched to date. Bradman was awarded a knighthood in 1949 and a Companion of the Order of Australia, the country's highest civil honour, in 1979. In 1996, he was inducted into the Australian Cricket Hall of Fame as one of the ten innaugural members. After his retirement, he remained heavily involved in cricket administration, serving as a selector for the national team for nearly 30 years, continuing to positively influence the direction of Australian cricket. (source: - August 27)

What was Jacques Cartier's job?

he was a french explorer

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What games do the French play?

Some kids play Boules or Petanque, a traditional French bowling game. It is played with a metal ball.

What is the French word for cricket bat in French?

batte de cricket

How do you spell cricket in french?

Here's a tough one: "Cricket" NO JOKE. THAT'S HOW YOU SAY CRICKET IN FRENCH. LOL

How do you say the insect cricket in french?

A cricket (the insect) in French is "un grillon."

What is the connection between Flintoff Panesar Muralidharan and Symonds?

they play cricket they play cricket they play cricket

What is French cricket?

French cricket is a game of cricket you play when you don't have much room or you only have a bat and ball. the aim when batting is to stop the ball by hitting it before it hits your leg (knee to foot) but if you miss the ball you have to turn your body but your not allowed to move your feet. when bowling you have to hit there leg (knee to foot) then there out you can play with as many bowlers as you want

Do french people play cricket?

No, cricket is not popular in France, with less than 1000 licence-holders there is a national team, it has never participated to the World Cup. There is also a championship.

In Spain do they play cricket?

Yes they do play cricket in Spain.

Where can you play stick cricket?

You can play Stick Cricket at

How many cricket clubs play in the bendigo cricket association?

13 cricket clubs play in the bendigo cricket association.

When did Walter French - cricket umpire - die?

Walter French - cricket umpire - died in 1961.

How can enter in cricket?

Play Cricket