What is French cricket?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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French cricket is a game of cricket you play when you don't have much room or you only have a bat and ball. the aim when batting is to stop the ball by hitting it before it hits your leg (knee to foot) but if you miss the ball you have to turn your body but your not allowed to move your feet. when Bowling you have to hit there leg (knee to foot) then there out you can play with as many bowlers as you want

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Q: What is French cricket?
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What is the French word for cricket bat in French?

batte de cricket

How do you spell cricket in french?

Here's a tough one: "Cricket" NO JOKE. THAT'S HOW YOU SAY CRICKET IN FRENCH. LOL

How do you say the insect cricket in french?

A cricket (the insect) in French is "un grillon."

When did Walter French - cricket umpire - die?

Walter French - cricket umpire - died in 1961.

How do you say cricketer in french?

un joueur de cricket

What is the french word for cricket field?

un terrain de cricket

What is cricket called in France?

the same, cricket - a quite obscure sport for French.

Is cricket masculine or feminine in French?

This is spelled "le cricket" as in English.

Did the French invent cricket?

No, it's as English as I am !

What sport did the french invent?


Is cricket an Italian or French word?

The word 'cricket' is originally derived from the Dutch word 'creckett'.

What is a child's favourite sport in France?

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