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Q: Would -6c be a good temperature or in-line skating?
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Would -6 degrees celsius be a good temperature for in-line skating?


Is the bladerunner fury for 120 dollars good for aggressive inline street skating?

no you can get them for 99 @

Would -6 Celsius be a good temperature for ice skating?

Yes, -6 Celsius is a good temperature for ice skating as it is below freezing and will help maintain the ice's integrity. Just make sure to dress warmly and check that the ice is safe before skating.

Would -6 be a good temperature for in-line skating?

maybe. it really depends on the shoes.some shoes can be safe in -6 C some not. :), :(, ;), ;(

Would -6 C be a good temperature for in-line skating?

maybe. it really depends on the shoes.some shoes can be safe in -6 C some not. :), :(, ;), ;(

Are figure 8 good?

If you are asking about ice skating of course they are good. I don't know why you would ask that.

Are Osiris shoes good for street skating?

I would use vans or dc shoes for street skating especially if you are wanting to get serious about it. also nike makes a good street shoe. but it is really what is comfortable with you and what you are comfortable skating in. but all these shoes have a different grip so pick the one that you really are comforable skating in.

Why can't you do a skating trick?

because you are not very good at skating

Which makes a better hockey player shooting or skating?

Definetly skating. You can't have a good shot or play hockey at all if you don't have good skating.

You are a pretty good roller skater and are looking for good aggressive inline skates you want skates that will last for a while and are able to go fast for under 100?

you wont, the good skates are brands like razor, remz, xsjado, and a few others, their low end skates go for more than 100, their most expensive is around 300. i have been skating for 2 years and im skating the razor icons which went for 300

What is faster roller blades or roller skates?

I've done both ice skating ad roller skating. I enjoyed ice skating but I wanted expand myself I bought a good fitting pair of roller skates! I found body position was every important. In my opinion the Biggest difference between ice and roller skating are "edges"! Ice skates have one blade on each boot--the ice blade is very narrow--but is still has an inside and a outside edge Roller skates have four wheels and each wheel has an inside and outside edge BUT the edges are 3/4" apart from each other!! When I was ice skating we didn't have inside ice rinks! I had a problem with edges in completion---but I finally found how to REALLY master theoss edges!!!

How do you get sponsorship for skating?

Well you would have to be very good at the sport. You would have to be at some major competitions, and if you do well then you might get sponsored.