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Definetly skating. You can't have a good shot or play hockey at all if you don't have good skating.

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Q: Which makes a better hockey player shooting or skating?
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What are the fundamentals of ice hockey?

For a player, the fundamentals are skating, passing, shooting, and puck-handling. Out of those four, I think the most important are skating and puck-handling.

Who invented inline skating?

a Minnesota hockey player

Is figure skating better then hockey?

Figure skating has better skating skill than hockey. However, hockey is a team sport and game, and figure skating is an "art" and to learn it, you pretty much have to go through the rigors you'd do in learning any other art. It's actually very similar to lots of martial arts, the skill sets needed. Hockey, though, is a fun game, like soccer, and different skills are needed for that game, like stick handling, ability to work on a team, etc, that figure skating wouldn't require. One thing, though, that people don't realize, in a race, equivalent level figure skater and hockey player, the figure skater will usually win against the hockey player, the better technique from figure skating would make a better hockey player for sure, just both sides usually never want to try each other's sport.

What is the acceleration of a hockey player who is skating at 10ms and comes to a stop in 2 seconds?

-2.5 m/s/s

Who was a better hockey hockey player Bobby Orr or Wayne Gretzky?

wayne gretzky

How can you become a better hockey player?

Practice and dedication.

Who is the better hockey player Joe Sakic or Steve Yzerman?

They are both legendary hockey players, it is impossible to tell which is better

Who taught Bobby Orr figure skating?

My grandpa taught Bobby Orr when he was a little boy and that is why he he a great hockey player!!!! By : ????? Liar

Can learning hockey help you become a better hockey player?

Well yeah!!! You kinda have to know how the game is played in order to be a good player.

Why did Sidney Crosby want to be a hockey player?

he loved hockey at a young age. he started really young, and fell in love with it. he would pratice by shooting pucks into the dryer.

How to become a better basketball player?

You have to practice on your dribbleing,passing,and shooting.

Is Hockey Player an adjective?

in the term hockey player hockey is an adjective and player is the noun. Hockey is describing what type of player.

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