Why is hockey not dangerous?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Hockey is extremely dangerous, even for professionals who have been playing this great game foe half of their life. Like any physical sport, hockey injuries include concussions, comas, and serious bruising. However, unlike other rough sports hockey is played with two very dangerous elements: rubber pucks and ice skates that have razor sharp blades. The average hockey player can shoot a puck at around 80 miles an hour which has been known to break people's jaws. Players have also gotten sliced in the neck or face by blades on ice skates that have accidently come into contact with flesh instead of ice. So the short answer is yes, hockey is very dangerous and should be played, but with caution.

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Any sport is dangerous if you don't wear a cup.

Case closed. For the most part, it's fine; occasionally things go wrong (and I've seen people, as well as myself, go to hospital for various things while playing). But it's part of life. I would expect to be injured somehow playing any sport.

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Coaches take coaching education courses in order to teach football in a safer way.

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Some sports are really dangerous. Injuries happen often at sport. Head injuries, broken bones, sprained muscles. Some sports you get roughly push and shoved around

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Q: Why is hockey not dangerous?
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