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Q: Why are the gates in downhill ski racing different colors. i see red and blue?
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What were the 3 original colors of gates in ski racing?

Red, Blue, Yellow

Does downhill ski race have gates?

Have you ever seen one!?

What are the colors for the different stalls in the horse racing gates you understand that they are the same at all race tracks?

1=red, 2=white, 3=blue, 4=yellow, 5=green, 6=black, 7=orange, 8=pink

What were the first alpine racing gates made of?


What is the difference between race skis and downhill skis?

Race skis have a more aggressive side cut and they generally have a wider tip for a sharper turning radius. Also the materials used for racing skis tend to be more expensive. The ski is usually a bit lighter and the materials used, built for high speeds and can take a beating. Down hill would be for a recreational use. For some one who just enjoys skiing rather than lives it.

What are the poles called in downhill skiing?

The poles that must be navigated by the canoer are called gates.

Which winter olympic sport uses gates?

The skiing events, downhill, slalom, giant slalom, etc

What exactly is downhill skiing?

Downhill or Alpine skiing, is a sport in which you ride a chair lift up a mountain and put two planks on your feet. You then slide down on your "skis". There are different kinds of alpine skiing including: freestyle skiing (doing tricks) alpine racing (skiing as fast as you can around gates), and just going out to have fun!

What are the double gates in a slalom ski course?

It varies. Regardless of the discipline (slalom, gs, super G etc) the distance between gates is not a fixed amount. Different disciplines have tighter (closer together gates) with Slalom events being the tightest and downhill events having them spread out the most allowing more speed and less technical turns.

What is race problem in flip-flops?

When you have asynchronous logic (not clocked) each path has different delay times through the gates. Usually depending on the number of gates it passes. When you have logic that can go in a different state when signals enter in different order, you have a race problem. It means that the signal are "racing" and the fastest one wins.

Where can one purchase Kidco configure gates?

Kidco configure gates can be purchased from many online retailers such as Amazon. Kidco configure gates come in a variety of sizes and colors, to match most interiors.

What is a turning pole?

The turning pole is one of the poles on the gates used in downhill skiing. The turning pole is the name for the inside pole that the skier skis around.