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Alaskan huskies and malamutes are chosen to run the Iditarod each year. These types of dogs are chosen because they are easy tot rain, have thick coats that protect them from the bone-chilling temperatures, and have a temperament that leads them to want to succeed, making them fierce competitors.

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They burrow into the snow because snow is a good insulator and keeps the warmth produced from the dogs body inside, keeping the dog warm at night when it sleeps.

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huskies are used in the iditarod because of their amazing speed and strength. the can last a long time on al little amount of food which can be very helpful for their mushers.

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Q: Why are huskies chosen for the iditarod race?
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Are Malamutes the best for the Iditarod?

No, Malamuyes were (historically) bred to pull heavyloads, not to run fast. Siberian Huskies are better suited for the Iditarod race.

What breed of dog is widely used in the iditarod race?

Alaskan Huskys, Malamutes,siberian Huskys

What kind of dog would be good to race in the Iditarod Race?

Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes are my opinion for the best dogs for the iditarod because that is what these breeds are meant to do. They have a tough, thick coat that will keep them warm in the very cold weather. And they have very strong paws and legs. Things like the iditarod are one of the reasons these dogs are in this world today. This is my opinion but it makes sense to me.

What kinds of dogs are used for the Iditarod?


What type of dog is used in the Iditarod?


Are women allowed in the Iditarod race?

are women allowed to race in the iditarod race

What types of dogs are generally used in the Iditarod?

Siberian Huskies

Is the Junior Iditarod race as long as the Iditarod race?

no of corse by alot

Which is the halfway point for the Iditarod in this years race?

The "halfway point" checkpoint for the iditarod race is Ophir to Iditarod

What city is called the home of the iditarod race?

The race is named after the town of Iditarod.

What language is iditarod from?

Iditarod is from the Alaskan language. It is a dogsled race in Alaska. The race is called the Iditirod Race.

How many checkpoints are on this years Iditarod race?

There are 18 checkponts in the 2013 Iditarod race