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This is more of an opinion. Some people will think figure skating is easier and some think that diving is easier. But it's mainly based on what you think. If you don't know, then try them both and think about which one was easier.

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Q: Which sport is harder figure skating or diving?
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What Olympic sport has a judge?

Gymnastics, Diving, Figure Skating, and Synchronized Swimming.

Is football harder sport then figure skating?

No, figure skating takes a lot more time and practice. It's a very complicated sport. On the the other hand, football is just bloodier and hurtful

What winter sport are axels performed in?

Figure Skating is the most popular winter sport to have axels.

Is figure skating a real sport?

Figure Skating is classed as a sport and is recognised by the International Olympics Committee as being one!!

What sport is there only 1 gold medal awarded?

tennis, swimming/diving, single figure skating, skateboarding and countless other individual sports.

What winter sport are axles performed in?

In figure skating!

What sport has figure eights as one of its moves?

figure skating

Why do they have figure skating on the Olympics?

Figure skating may not look like a sport but it is extremely physically demanding.

When did dance figure skating become an olympic sport?

In 1920 the mens figure skating started first.

Is figure skating an official sport?


Is figure skating an international sport?


What is Greenlands famous sport?

Figure skating