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Nancy Kerrigan first started figure skating when she was 6 years old.

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Q: When did Nancy Kerrigan start figure skating?
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When did Mao Asada start figure skating?

She start ice skating at the age 5.

Where did figure skating start?

in Poland

When do figure skating competitions start?


Where did the figure skating start?

Skating itself was first brought to America in the 1740's. Figure skating was developed several years later in the U.S.

When did figure skating start to get popular?

80 BC

When did Anabelle Langoise start skating?

Anabelle started skating, well figure skating, in 1989. She enjoyed the thrill of movement!

Where did skating start?

Figure skating started in the years B.C. it was really the second way to walk.

What athletes start with the letter N?

Nancy Kerrigan (U.S. Olympic figure skater), Nancy Lopez (golfer), Norm Van Brocklin (football), Rafael Nadal (tennis), Bronko Nagurski (football), Joe Namath (football), Martina Navratilova (tennis) and Phil Niekro (baseball) are famous athletes.

When do you start taking figure skating lessons?

You can start taking skating lessons at any age. There are toddlers that skate, and grandparents that skate.

When did figure skating start being played in the winter Olympics?


When did Sasha Cohen start to skate and what influenced her to ice skate?

she was influenced by figure skating

How did figure skating start?

While people have been ice skating for centuries, figure skating in its current form originated in the mid-19th century by Englishman Robert Jones, the first known account of figure skating. Competitions were then held in the "English style" of skating, which was stiff and formal and bears little resemblance to modern figure skating. American skater Jackson Haines considered the "father of modern figure skating", introduced a new style of skating in the mid-1860s. This style, which incorporated free and expressive techniques, became known as the "international style." Although popular in Europe, Haines' style of skating was not widely adopted in the United States until long after his death.