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Novice inline skaters travel around at speeds of 5 to 10 MPH on flat land.

The best competitive inline skaters average between 18 and 22 MPH on long hauls with burst much higher than that.

I have been skating religiously for 3 years, averaging between 100 and 300 miles per month. My overall average speed (as tracked by my Garmin 305) is around 13 MPH.

One of the things that sets the competitive skaters so far apart is that the courses they use are usually fairly flat and have usually been prepped fairly well. On the courses that I normally use I have to compete with cars, stop at stop signs, navigate through gravel (especially near construction areas), and deal with rough surfaces. I'd probably average 15-16 MPH on a flat, smooth, prepped course. On one really nice two mile stretch of asphalt I can average 17MPH from one end and back ...

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Q: What is average skate speed for recreational inline skater?
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