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You skate alot, you dress like a skater, you are always at the skate park.

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Q: How do you know if you are a skater?
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How do you know if a skater haircut is good on you?

I asked myself the same question but i think i know the answer... you need to picture yourself in that haircut.. is it you or are you just being a poser? AVOID BEING CALLED A POSER!! NO ONE likes a poser! if its not you.. then maybe you need to work on being a skater slowly and when the time is right know one will evn notice the fabulous haircut! but just remember.. you cant be a skater and get skater hair ovr the summer!

How do you know he is a skater guy?

If he is often seen using a skateboard.

Do skater guys like skater girls?

Well, supends if hes a skater guy than probaley not somtimes but not always because I know this guy and he likes a preppy girl so not always just be yourself

Does Justin Bieber skate?

Yes hes a alright skater you know basics

How do you create a skater on Tech Deck live?

i dont know i need help!

What is Michelle Kwan know for?

Michelle Kwan is known for being a figure skater.

What actors and actresses appeared in Roller Boogie - 1979?

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Is a skater a punk?

No a skater not a punk.

Is a skater an adjective?

Skater is a noun.

who is the figure skater in the skater's waltz video?


What actors and actresses appeared in Skating Spectacular - 2003?

The cast of Skating Spectacular - 2003 includes: Brian Boitano as Himself - Skater Jason Dungjen as Himself - Skater Richard Dwyer as Himself - Skater Nancy Kerrigan as Herself - Skater Apolo Ohno as Himself - Skater Yuka Sato as Herself - Skater Laurent Tobel as Himself - Skater Kristi Yamaguchi as Herself - Skater

What you need to be a figure skater?

to be an figure skater you have to have determination and confidence.

What do you call an ice skater who chats on the Internet?

Online Skater

Why Are skater boys hot?

They just are because I know a skater boy and he is SO HOT! idk. they r just sooo frikin hot!!!!! but there aren't ever any fat skater boys, so i think that helps a little. and they always have such awesome hair too!

Who is Sam Cunnington?


What is the one trick that every skateboarder should know?

Every single skater on earth has to know how to ollie & nollie.

How do you attract a skater boy?

turn into a skater girl

How do you act dress and talk like a skater chick?

well to dress like a skater chick u just wear whatever is comftable i mean most of the time its just tank tops and cargo pant very much like Avril lavigne use to be (trust me on this im actually a skater chick) and to talk like a skater you actualyy need to be a skater you need to know what a ollie a kickflip a darkslide is and so on otherwise you will be called a poser

How do you spell skater in french?

The English terms are in use, and a skater would be called 'skater / skateboarder / skateur' in French.

what unfortunate mistake did the ice skater champion skater make with his gold medal?

He Had It Bronzed.

What is a pro skater?

A pro skater is a professional skater that earns his living by skating. Eg. Tony Hawk

What eats a pond skater?

a toad will eat a pond skater

Is Justin Bieber skater?

Yes Justin Bieber is a skater.

When did Top Skater happen?

Top Skater happened in 1997.

Who is a better skater reb dedrik or Rodney mullen?

although rob dyreck is a good skater , mullen is probaly the best skater who has ever lived ( definatly the best flatland skater ever)