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mounting disks are the disks on the inside of the binding that have holes to screw into the board. they come with the bindings you buy, however replacement disks can be found online. they also control the angle at which you set your foot.

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Q: What are mounting disks for snowboard bindings?
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Where can you find mounting disks for snowboard bindings?

Any local shop should carry extra that you can purchase. Otherwise you can order them from the producer.

Why cant your snowboard bindings come off your snowboard?

You can take the bindings off your snowboard, but while boarding the only purpose of the bindings is to hold your boots to the board.

where can snowboard bindings be found?

snowboard bindings can be found in boarding shops are places where snowboards and snowboards can be purchased online retailers such as amazon can also have snowboard bindings that can be provided

Where would it be possible to find reviews about the Burton Mission snowboard bindings?

It is possible for to find reviews about the Burton Mission snowboard bindings, just by going to the site called SnowBoardingsHQ. The site gives all information and detail-by-detail about snowboard bindings.

How many pieces of equipment do you need to snowboard?

Three. Snowboard, bindings, and boots.

Do you have to have the same snowboard bindings as the snowboard?

nope, but you have to be careful, because on some bindings the holes to screw it in place, wont match up with the holes in the board.

Where is the grip supposed to go on a snowboard?

There is no grip on a snowboard. Your feet are held down by the bindings.

What are the best snowboard bindings?

A company called Union makes great bindings. In my opinion, they are the best.

Will any bindings work on any snowboard?

yes they will!!!

What snowboarding label invented the Snowboard Bindings?


Can you put union snowboard bindings on a Burton snowboard?

Yes, but you need a special base plate.

Will K2 clicker snowboard bindings work with standard strap bindings?

Why the F@#K would anyone do that?