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I have been teaching Snowboarding for years and I get asked this all the time.

There are different styles of snowboarding.

If you ride a true twin board then you can set you binding up at a equal angle. I have my freestyle board set at 22 degrees on the front and -18 degrees on the back foot. I like less angel on the back foot.

If you ride a all mountain board then I would set up the board with less angle on back foot then the front. I have my free ride board set at 18 degrees on the fount foot and -14 on the back.

Then there are the alpine boards. I do not have a alpine board but most alpine riders have a forward front foot and forward back foot set up.

There are many other things that you may want to think of when setting up your snowboarding bindings angles. The most important thing is comfort. You want to set up your board so that it is easy for you to use. For many instructors like my self we are always playing with are angels and trying to find what works best for us.

Another thing is toe and heal drag. If you have bigger feet then you will probably want to buy a wide or mid-wide board. Even so with larger sized boots you may still have drag. Adding more angle to you bindings will create more room for your feet on the board leaving you with less drag.

I hope this will help you guys get out on the hill. Take a lesson and don't forget to tip your instructor.

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Q: What angle do yous set your snowboard bindings?
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