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Freestyle 1-5


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Q: Risport RF4 figure skates can be used till which level in freestyle?
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In what level of figure skating do you learn a camel spin?

Freestyle 5.

How much does the united skates skating rink cost today?

It all depends on what level you are... I'm at freestyle 8 and my skates cost about $800.. you can check at local rinks to see what prices they offer... that would be the best thing to do.

Which are the best skates for beta level figure ice skating?

short booted leather skates. normally its good to eventually get them personally made so that the heel can be measured to your height and it will make it easier on your back. its good to get new blades every year or also if your going to a long term commitment to your skates

Are Riedell 225 TS figure skates right for me I can do waltz jumps One foot spins salchows lutzs and flips Are the Riedell 225 TS figure skates and Quest Onyx blades good skates for my level?

Those boots and blades should work for you, as long as you've decided you want to skate on a regular basis. If you're only skating every once in a while, I'd recommend the 229TS or the 133TS, as they're a bit less expensive. If you're anywhere near working on an axel, those boots and blades will be perfect.

How long will it take to get from Freestyle 3-4 to Senior level ice skating It took me 1year to get to Freestyle 3-4?

Well, the length of time from one freestyle to the next takes a lot less time passing a level. The elements get harder and harder, so it could take 5+ years.

How do select hockey skates?

You choose your hockey skates on a few main criteria. The criteria are the skaters level of experience and the budget that you want to stay with-in. Also, the use of the skate will play a role on which skate to select. Ice hockey skates range from beginner to expert level skates. Depending on your skill level, you can narrow down a certain grouping of skates to chose from. If you are a beginner skater then you want to select a beginner skate, the technical aspects will be different then an expert skate. Hockey skates also vary in price, they can can range anywhere from $50-$650. So based on your personal finances, you will have a budget to stay with-in. On a side note, you can usually get a deal on last years model or a close-out model, this way you can get a more technical skate for a lower price. Last, the use of the skate. If you are just going out to pond skate then you need a pair of skates that are comfortable and usually on the lower end of the price range. You will not need skates that are expensive just to go out and have some fun. But if you are a series league skater then you need the higher technical skates.

Is figure skating and ice skating different?

Speed skating is based on skating for speed, not style. Figure skating is the opposite, as it skates for style and not always speed. Speed skating requires: -Lower cut boot, almost like a shoe -Longer blades than artistic skaters -the objective is to go fast, not to impress the judges Figure skating: -based on competing in a number of levels and elements -consists of jumps, spins and footwork -artistry and difficulty are considered when judging -higher cut boot -regular length blade, but with a toe pick and edges

What swimming stroke best suits a man who is 174 cm tall?

No one stroke is better for a 174cm person man. Particularly at the non-elite level, height is not as relevant as technique and how hard you train. However, at the elite level, tall swimmers tend to have sligth physical advantage, especially in freestyle sprints such as the 50m freestyle and 100m freestyle. At the elite level, most male swimmers in these sprint races are over 187cm.

Are corr z4 works ata 990 2009 aggressive skates good?

No! Corr skates are below entry level. Go with name brand aggressive skates like Rollerblade, USD, Razor, Remz, K2 or something like that. Corr skates are very uncomfortable and do not offer a good surface for grinding and learning tricks. If you are looking for a good deal check out, they have a ton of skates on sale that are much better than any Corr skate out there.

What level of ice skating do you have to be to be an instructor?

You have to be 14 to be a USFSA coach, but you have to be 16 to be a PSA (professional skaters association) certified coach. As by levels, I guess you would have to be past basic skills1-8 and freestyle 1-6 to coach snowplow sam through basic 1, probably freestyle Juvenile or above to coach Freestyle 1-6 and freestyle pre-prelim.

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A level is used for determining how close to level a surface is.Go figure...