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rick vaive

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Q: Last 2 players to score 50 goals for 2 different teams but in the same year?
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What is the average score in nhl fantasy drafts?

There is no score in the draft but both teams usually score about ten goals.

Who is the only player to have score goals for two different teams in the world cup final?

Must be a yugoslavian player and then played for Croatia.

Why is Chelsea liked more than other soccer teams?

People like Chelsea as they have a lot of money, and buy all the top players. but they do score goals and win matches.

What is the job of a defensive team in soccer?

Not let the offensive teams score goals.

Which two teams did not score any goals in the 2010 World Cup?

Honduras and Algeria

Average score for NHL teams?

This season the Average goals scored per game is 6

How many goals did Bojan score for the youth team?

Bojan scored 889 goals in his 7 years in the various Barcelona youth teams

Why is the England Football team losing in the World Cup?

Because the other teams score more goals.

How many goals has maxi rodriguez score in his career?

maxi rodriguez has scored 87 goals in all teams included international his national team

Which players have scored for five different premiership teams?

Nick Barmby

What does one do in the game 'Super Chexx'?

Super Chexx is a popular table arcade hockey game manufactured since 1982 by the company Innovative Concepts in Entertainment, or ICE for short. In the game, players control opposing teams and the goal is to manipulate plastic players and score goals against the opponent. Long rods are used to control the miniature, plastic hockey players.

What are the rules of bubble hockey?

One can play one on one, or two teams of two. The players have to score using the levers and can not touch the puck with their hands. The game usually consists of three 90 second periods. Whoever scores the most goals wins.