What is the job of a defensive team in soccer?

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Not let the offensive teams score goals.

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Q: What is the job of a defensive team in soccer?
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When the soccer ball crosses the end line and the defensive team last touches the ball what does the offensive team get?

The offensive team gets a free kick

How many players are needed in soccer team?

It takes 22 players to have a regulation soccer game. This would be 2 teams of 10 offensive and defensive players for each team, as well as a goalie for each team.

What results from a soccer team kicking the ball over their own defensive end line?

a corner kick

Is the sweeper one of the forwards on the soccer team?

A sweeper is not a forward, a sweeper is a defensive player, located centre and behind the regular defensive line. Usually, their job is to pick up loose tasks on their end of the pitch, like an unmarked midfielder running through the centre.

Most important position in soccer?

Soccer is a team sport. Everyone contributes to the game. An important position is the defensive midfield. It supports the defenders and makes plays. The captain on the team is usually the best player.

What is the goalkeepers job in soccer?

The goalkeepers job in soccer is to keep the ball out of the goal so the other team won't make a point (goal).

Guillermo ochoa what is your job?

He is a golakeeper for the Mexican soccer team America.

How many players are in the defence in soccer?

In soccer there are usually 3 to 4 players in the defensive line (not including the goal-keeper). It just depends on the lineup that the particular team is playing.

Who plays center mid on the galaxy soccer team?

What is the job of a centy mid?

Can a defensive soccer player score?


What is an offensive team in soccer?

In soccer, the offensive team is usually considered the team that has possession of the ball in their opponent's half of the field. Because soccer is a continuous-play sport, most field players perform both offensive and defensive duties during the same stretch of play, often changing roles continuously as play evolves.

What does cb mean in football?

Cornerback or corner. The play on the team's defensive unit and it's their job to defend against the opposing team's offensive game, cover wide receivers and make tackles in the secondary or defensive backfield.

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