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It was my first time boarding and I was teaching myself.. everytime i put my board forward to slow down i usually spun to the other foot in front. I was able to go down the hill no problem like this, but I'm wondering if that's ok to do, or if you should just stick to one stance!?

No, this form of Snowboarding is sometimes termed "falling leaf" because you're basically using only your heel to slow down and no toe. It's a start for first-timers and it looks a bit funny to the more experienced riders, but eventually you need to learn how to brake with heel pressure and toe pressure (called heel-toe), which will allow you to carve. If you're normal stance, you should try this sticking to the normal stance for the next couple times. Later, when you get better, you can learn to ride switch, which means riding either normal or goofy (heel-toe in both positions).

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Q: Is it normal to snowboard goofy and normal switching back and forth down a hill?
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What makes a goofy cut snowboard so unique or different from a regularly cut snowboard?

There is no difference. its all in the way you ride it

What are the two stances snowboarders use?

You have Regular stance which is when your Left Foot is in Front and your Right foot on the Tail of the Snowboard. Then you have a Goofy stance which is when your Right foot is in front and your Left foot on the Tail of the Snowboard.

Is Ryan Shekler goofy or normal on a skateboard?

He rides normal!

What is the difference between Goofy skateboarders and normal skateboarders?

Goofy Skateboarders lead with their left foot and normal skaters lead with their right foot

Is Sean Malto goofy or normal on a skateboard?

he's regular (normal)

How do you stand on a snowboard?

Depending on whether you are goofy or regular footed, you put each foot(boot) in its binding and push off the snow to stand.

When you change the stance of your binding on a snowboard does it affect the way you snowboard?

if you mean going from regular to goofy, then yes, you will have a difficult time, but if your talking about the degree of your bindings in the same stance, it shouldnt matter too much if you change the degree. to each their own.

What is the snowboard move Indy?

An indy is when you grab the area between your legs on your board with your back hand (right hand if you are riding goofy, left hand if you are riding regular) in midair.

Which foot do you use in front on a snowboard?

its a matter of personal preferance. what ever feels most comfortable, natural, and best performance. i ride goofy (right forward) again it just differs.

What is normal and goofy in Mario and sonic at the winter olympic games?

It is basically the same as regular snowboarding where regular is left foot forward and goofy is right foot forward.

Would Goofy be an appropriate Disney Character for Viggo Mortensen to lend his voice to?

Only if he can do a good Goofy impression, otherwise, Viggo's normal speaking voice would not fit the character.

Which foot steers the snowboard?

The front foot steers the board using torsional twist. You should try to keep your weight even on both feet.