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On Wii Ski you have to do challenges and get stars.

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Q: How do you get special snowboards on we ski and snowboard?
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Where can one purchase Lamar snowboards?

You don't have to get special boots just for the snowboard, unless it is a step in bindings and you would have to know the kind of bindings but, you can practically use any boots that fit in to the bindings, you just gota make sure that they fit you first lol.

Where can one find snowboard rentals?

There are a number of places where one can find snowboard rentals. Most commonly, they can be found at ski mountains around the world, where one can rent snowboards or skis and accessories from.

How are snow boards different then ski?

snowboards are differnet from skis because skis have 2 skis and a snowboard only has one thing that you stand on.

where can snowboard bindings be found?

snowboard bindings can be found in boarding shops are places where snowboards and snowboards can be purchased online retailers such as amazon can also have snowboard bindings that can be provided

What do snowboard designers do?

design snowboards

Why were snowboards built?

i read some where try to find it again but it read sherman poppn in 1965 made the snowboard for he daughter because she didnt lean how to ski it was to hard for her

What equipment do you use and wear in snowboarding?

A snowboard, and perhaps snowboard boots.You can get snowboards with buckles for normal shoes/boots, and you can get snowboards with click thingies, that you click snowboard boot into.Answer:You need a lot of equipment for snowboarding. Here is the equipment that is necessary: A snowboard, Snowboard boots, helmet (optional), goggles, gloves, and bindings. You need your equipment to be fitted properly or you can get badly hurt or not perform at your 110% top.A snowboard of course, gloves so your hands don't get cold, and goggles so nothing flys in your eyes.

Is a 2005 forum devun Walsh snowboard a true twin?

Yes, forum snowboards are one of the best type of snowboards.

Where are Lamar snowboards manufactured?

lamar snowboard what is the back part of the board

Where to get snowboards in Alabama?

You can get a snowboard online or usually at your local skate shop.

How big are snowboards?

The height of a snowboard depends on you're height, for a freestyle snowboard you want it to be somewhere in between you chin and nose.

What are cool snowboards?

Skiing and snowboarding is 60 percent fashion. If you feel good about your fashion, you can ski or ride well. Cool snowboards are usually names that everyone knows, like Burton. Brand names are part of it. Younger people like neon colors or something that gets others attention. Older snowboarders like limited edition or special types of snowboards, and they don't nessecarily have to pop out at people's eyes. They just have to be a certain name. Like Burton has a snowboard line, the Andy Warhol line. Now a younger snowboarder wouldn't care for a snowboard like this, but some older guy might.