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snowboards are differnet from skis because skis have 2 skis and a snowboard only has one thing that you stand on.

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Q: How are snow boards different then ski?
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How do you make a pool rock slide slippery?

I used ski wax. (was used on snow skis or snow boards)

What do you ski on?

You can snow ski or water ski, but you are always ON the same thing- skis!

Which first snow ski or water ski?

snow skiing

What effects does ski wax do on skis?

Ski Wax basically helps the ski Glide better on snow. There are some different types of wax, but your basic wax (for skiing/ snowboarding) creates a layer on the base of your ski (or board) that helps maximize the the film of water that is created between your ski and the snow, helping it to go faster, in combination with the small grooves on the bottom of your ski. You can tell if you need wax or not, when the base of your skis starts going white, at the edges at first. There are different waxes for different snow temperatures, but you can mix these or buy 'all-round' wax.

Where online can youth snow boards be purchased?

Youth Snow Boards are simply snow boards created for younger teens and children. One can buy these snow boards at sites like Amazon and eBay who offer reliable service.

What are the best oakley ski goggles?

I think it is the Oakley A Frame Snow Goggle. I saw it in They provide resources of different ski goggles and ski helmets as well.

What does ski friendly mean?

Ski/snow = Cocaine

Which snow sport rhymes with tree?


What is a snow runner?


What is white and you can ski on it?


Why people can you ski on snow?

Skiing is a winter sport. Yes, people can ski on snow using skis.

Why are ski's better than wheels on snow?

Because ski's are flat, they skid along the snow's surface. But wheels can get stuck under snow.

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