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Most people assume that since sled dogs have such thick fur that they can stay warm in even the coldest of temperatures but in reality the sled dogs need help staying warm in the cold, just like you or me. It may sound a bit silly but it is not uncommon for sled dogs to be fitted for special jackets that hug the body and keep heat from escaping. Most dogs wear booties on their feet.

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Q: How do dogs stay warm in the Iditarod?
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getting to be out there with your warm-loving dogs for 9 - 16 days

What happens at a mandatory stop in the Iditarod?

You have to stay for 12 hours you rest and feed yourself and your dogs

What is the maxamm number of dogs in a iditarod?

what is the maximum number of dogs in the iditarod?

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The maximum number of dogs you can run in the Iditarod race is 16 dogs

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6 dogs at the finish

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Kris Hoffman actually has 16 dogs total for the Iditarod race of 2011. All mushers start with 16 dogs

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